RayAccess proudly serves both commercial and residential properties for wooden window frame repairs. Our team has unique skills and experience to protect and restore your exterior window frames. From drone inspections to window frame repair work, we are a full service exterior building maintenance contractor.

Feel free to contact RayAccess with any questions or learn more about us and some solutions to repair wooden window frames.  The following page provides a background on wood rot and how you can maintain and maximize the lifespan of your window frames.

Why Wooden Window Frames Are Susceptible to Rot:

Wood is aesthetically pleasing and a natural insulator thus a very popular material for window frames. The downside is that wood is porous with tiny holes that soak up moisture like a sponge. This condition enables microorganisms that live in water to feed on wood and break down wood’s structural components of cellulose and lignin. As the fungi and bacteria grow, wood becomes softer, losing strength and its structural integrity. High risk window frames made of wood with damaged caulk, flawed flashing, or peeled paint allow for too much moisture to infiltrate, causing wood rot.

Spotting Wood Rot Is Easy: 

If you know what to look for, it’s easy to find subtle clues and telltale signs of wood rot. First, visually inspect the wood for discoloration. Upon seeing an especially dark patch, gently press your finger on the wood. If it feels soft or spongy, it’s a clear sign of wood rot.

Other signs that allow for excess moisture causing wood rot include musty odors, cracks, splintering, open joints, or mildew. In this case, it pays to recaulk and repaint the mullions to prevent moisture infiltration. If you wait too long the wood becomes brittle and no longer provides sufficient insulation to your home or building.

Termite Damage:

Another window frame wood decay issue is termite damage. Wood rot and termite damage can coexist but the latter is harder to detect as termites feed on wood cellulose from the inside out. Signs of termite damage stem from direct evidence of the termite colonies such as chewing sounds, droppings, and distinctive tunnels or trails.

Wooden Window Frame Repair Solutions:

Repairing wood rot or termite damage on window mullions should be completed by competent workers equipped with caulking guns, circular saw, pry bar and chisel, wood inserts and wood filler (Bondo), drill and screws, sandpaper, paint & primer, and fall protection equipment.

The first step is to assess severity by measuring how deep the wood rot has permeated the surface. For cases beyond one or two inches, the damage is likely too severe for wood filler alone. Custom wood inserts are needed to fill those deep gaps. In those rare cases where the rot surrounds the entire frame, your only solution is window frame replacement.

Now that you know severity and what materials are needed, the next step is to remove rotted pieces of wood from the frame. Using a pry bar or hammer and chisel, extract the rotted wood to prevent it from spreading further. Now the gaps can be cleaned of debris leaving a clear surface ready for adhesion. Apply Bondo wood filler inside the gaps. If needed, place custom wood inserts and fasten with screws. The last step is to reseal any open joints around the window frame and apply primer and 2 coats of paint for protection.

wood frame repeair

Repairing Wooden Window Frames Above One Level:

As noted above, repairing wooden window frames requires some basic carpenter’s skills and a steady hand. This work should not be performed with just a ladder. Anything above one story calls for fall protection equipment such as a boom lift, suspended scaffolding, or industrial rope access.

Alternative Services:

The RayAccess Difference:

As an employer for certified industrial rope access technicians, our methods for accessing high or hard-to-reach windows are safe and efficient. Our team has been trained to use industrial rope access, boom lifts, suspended scaffolding, and ladders.

As a professional contractor, we have insurance that covers workers compensation, general liability, excess liability, and commercial auto. Beware of hiring any contractor that isn’t fully insured for the job.

RayAccess has the skills to be your “go-to-shop” for exterior building maintenance. Our team is cross trained to clean, paint, and repair. We offer professional window cleaning, pressure washing, exterior painting, and waterproofing services.


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