It doesn’t rain much in LA, but when it does people scramble to deal with leaky windows. Fortunately, your exterior building maintenance team is uniquely qualified for these situations. Since 2011, RayAccess has acted quickly to prevent rain leaks by performing window seal repair.

Given our experience in caulking such a wide array of window types and building materials, we are equipped to select the best sealant for each specific job. Every project is unique, and picking the right sealants is a must.

In addition, RayAccess has unique access capabilities. No matter how high or hard to reach, we will find a solution. Our technicians are fully trained in using boom lifts, suspended platforms, extension ladders, and industrial rope access. Check out the following information regarding window seal repair, or contact us with questions concerning your specific issue.

What is Window Sealant?

Technically speaking, window sealant is categorized as a type of caulk.  Elasticity is the main property of a sealant because it’s made of silicon. Window sealant is great for filling gaps or sealing joints of window frames. Window sealant can seal any type of window joint including glass-to-frame, frame-to-frame, and frame-to-wall. 100% silicon sealant is UV resistant and protects against yellowing. This is good news because silicon sealant doesn’t hold to paint.

In order to apply window sealant it’s important to remove the old sealant that is failing first. New sealant won’t stick to paint or old coats of sealant. Once the expired sealant is completely removed, a caulking gun is used to apply the new sealant.

Causes of Window Sealant Failure:


Building materials expand and contract with temperature changes. During the night when temperatures drop building materials contract, during the daytime when it gets warmer, building materials expand. This constant shifting puts pressure on window seals.


If a window seal is not applied properly during window installation, the window may experience rain leaks right away.


Environmental conditions such as salty air, harsh chemicals, and pollution will expedite the gradual wear and tear of window seals.

Signs That Window Seals Are Failing:


If the interior of your building or home is drafty, this is a good sign that window seals need to be recaulked to block the elements outside.


Rain leaks are the first sign you need window seal repair.


Little critters and insects find small gaps around windows even when they are closed. Recaulking your windows will help keep the bugs away.

Increased energy bills:

Put less strain on your heating and air conditioning units by making sure window seals are properly doing their job.

Window Seal Repair:

Before any sealant can be applied to a leaky window, a technician will complete a 3 step process including inspection, cleaning, and application.


Depending on the issues, we will do a visual inspection or water test. We need to identify which areas need to be sealed. A visual inspection is usually completed during the same visit as caulking.  We perform a water test when the leak is not obvious. In this case, the actual caulking must wait for the substrate and joints to dry.


Cleaning is an essential step that removes all loose contaminants and old sealant. A clean surface helps with adhesion and a long-lasting sealant.


During the application process, window sealant should be applied with a caulking gun. A ¼ inch bead of sealant is adequate for most cracks. The bead of caulk is applied at a slow pace with continued pressure on the gun’s trigger. After the sealant is applied, we tool the surface to create a smooth finish.

What Factors Affect The Lifespan Of Window Seals?

Lifespan depends on several factors including sunlight exposure, harsh chemicals, glass deformation, and strong winds. Windows facing the west and south are exposed to more sunlight thus their seals are more prone to leaks. If harsh chemicals like paint or oil come into contact with silicon seals they can become damaged. Environmental factors such as heavy winds can speed up the wear and tear of window seals. Lastly, pressure from the building settling and deformation can put a toll on window seals.

Alternative Services:

The RayAccess Difference:


Our crew has deep experience with window seal repair and we stand behind our work. Just ask about warranties on window seal repair jobs.


We employ industrial rope access technicians. Rope access is the safest method to access difficult-to-reach platforms.


Besides our talented front-line crew, we assign dedicated operations managers to manage the process. Check out what our clients are saying about our work and read our reviews.


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