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RayAccess is proud to support renewable energy by performing wind turbine cleaning. Since 2011, RayAccess has led the way in safety and providing eco-friendly maintenance services to industrial clients. We employ certified industrial rope access technicians that are trained to safely access high structures using ropes. As a non-motorized access method requiring no petrol, industrial rope access releases zero emissions to the environment. If you own or work with wind towers, contact RayAccess to fulfill any type of wind turbine tower cleaning request.

Wind Turbines & Oil Spills:

While wind energy is green and eco-friendly, wind turbines are not immune to the potential for oil spills. The facts are that a 400-foot wind turbine holds 400 gallons of oil. In the nacelle of every wind turbine is an electrical transformer with bearings, couplings, and gears prone to oil leaks. Leaking oil can pollute nearby soil and water, thus wind turbine operators must have spill containment plans to capture leaks in case a transformer fails. 

Benefits Of Having A Wind Turbine Cleaned:

Prevent EPA Fines:

An important benefit for cleaning the exterior of wind turbines is to avoid fines from the EPA. The Oil Pollution Act has increased fines up to $25,000 for each day of violation or $1,000 per barrel of oil discharged. 

Prevent Community Opposition:

Although wind turbines provide renewable energy, many communities do not want to see expansion in their local community due to size, noise, and land use requirements. Ominous black stains on bright white wind turbines provide local community leaders with a talking point for opposition. 

Prevent Hazardous Conditions to Workers:

Inside the nacelle of a wind turbine conditions such as poor ventilation and mold can be hazardous to maintenance and repair crews. It pays to clean interior spills to prevent debris or mold from accumulating. 

Increase Performance:

Debris can build up on the blades of a wind turbine which can impact the production of energy. Clean blades mean increased performance of your wind turbine. 

Industrial Rope Access for Wind Turbine Cleaning:

Industrial Rope Access is a safe and efficient access method for the removal of dirt and oil stains on wind turbines. Employed and perfected by the oil exploration industry, this non-motorized method uses anchors and two-line rope systems. Over 15 million hours of work have been completed using industrial rope access. Procedures have been put in place by international regulating bodies (IRATA & SPRAT).  Wind technicians follow these strict guidelines when inspecting rope access equipment, setting up anchors, rigging, and rappelling. Using rope access, technicians can move vertically & horizontally, accessing every nook and cranny of a wind tower. RayAccess technicians pressure wash or hand clean debris that most frequently accumulates at the top of a turbine.

Internal & External Wind Turbine Cleaning:

RayAccess has experience using platforms (i.e. swing stages, boom lifts) and rope access. Whether you need internal cleaning or external cleaning of your wind turbine, we have specialized crews that can operate a boom lift/swing stage or navigate towers using industrial rope access. 

Most often, industrial rope access is much quicker to deploy than using heavy machinery. The setup process takes longer when using a swing stage or boom lift. When working inside the nacelle, rope access may be your only option. Overall industrial rope access is the quickest, most versatile, and least disruptive method for cleaning the interior and exterior of a wind turbine. 

Alternative Services:

Wind Tower Painting:

Wind turbines have to deal with harsh weather conditions and suffer from corrosion. RayAccess performs wind turbine painting as a proven anti corrosion protective coating. Painting wind turbines ensures the full life capacity of 30-35 years.

Solar Panel Cleaning:

Routine cleaning is a best practice for maximizing the energy production of a solar panel system. Accumulating dirt on solar panels reflects away light. A cleaner panel can convert more sunlight into energy. 

Drone Inspections:

Drone inspections of wind turbines provide a cost-efficient first look for the detection and interpretation of surfaces. RayAccess is equipped with advanced UAVs and certified FAA drone pilots.

The RayAccess Difference:

Rope Access Certified:

Employing industrial rope access technicians, our crew is professionally trained and certified by  IRATA/SPRAT.

5 Star Project Management:

Check out our reviews, we hire experienced operations managers that provide a high level of coordination with our clients and front-line crew.

California Based:

In close proximity to many wind turbine farms, RayAccess is conveniently located in Los Angeles. 


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