Glass Elevator Shaft Cleaning

Have you ever marveled at the beauty of a glass elevator found inside a large atrium? Perhaps you wondered how they keep the sparkling glass that reaches up 10 stories high clean. There are great challenges and great benefits to cleaning glass elevators. The following article provides analysis and best practices for glass elevator shaft cleaning. 

Benefits Of Glass Elevator Shaft Cleaning:

Can you remember the last time you were in a glass elevator? Riding in a glass elevator can be a memorable experience. Why not maximize this experience for your guests by keeping the glass streak-free and crystal clear.   

How frustrating is it to press the elevator button, only to realize, it’s out of service? It’s safe to say, no one likes climbing stairs in a high-rise building.  It’s especially frustrating if you rely on elevators out of necessity. 

Elevators require routine maintenance and cleaning of the shaft to function properly. Dust accumulates rather quickly inside an elevator shaft. This creates fire hazards and poor working conditions for elevator mechanics. Therefore, elevator shaft cleaning should be part of your elevator’s routine maintenance schedule.

Challenges Of Glass Elevator Shaft Cleaning:

It’s important to have the appropriate equipment and skills to prevent any damage to internal components. The elevator machinery can not come in contact with water. Technicians that have experience working in confined spaces work alongside elevator representatives to get the job done. Technicians position themselves on top of the elevator cab to clean all interior glass and remove dust from ledges and mullions. A full arsenal of equipment to clean the inside of a glass elevator is needed. Such tools include cleaning solutions, squeegees, vacuums, dusters, and deionized water kits. 

Exterior Glass Elevator Cleaning:

Typically, window cleaning contractors will use a man lift, but there are many disadvantages to this practice. Getting heavy machinery inside the building for one. And if it does fit, blocking off large areas disrupts traffic.

A much more efficient way of cleaning the exterior glass is to use a more versatile method called industrial rope access. Perfected by the oil exploration industry on offshore rigs, industrial rope access is a non-motorized access method that uses anchors and two-line rope systems.    

Only technicians certified by regulating bodies (IRATA/SPRAT) are approved to safely employ industrial rope access.

Why Hire RayAccess:

Our first priority is safety. This is why we employ IRATA/SPRAT certified industrial rope access technicians to clean elevator shafts. Industrial rope access is the safest way to access and clean high areas. RayAccess has industrial rope access technicians that follow strict guidelines to clean exterior glass of an elevator safely and efficiently.

We understand commercial buildings need to limit any service outages. We have dedicated teams that specialize in cleaning high exterior surfaces of the elevator, as well as inside the elevator shaft. 

We guarantee a high-quality service. If there are any issues with our work we will return to the property and perform a makegood. RayAccess is happy to provide references. With over 10 years of experience, we are confident that you will be happy with our results. 

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