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Metal railings look best when they are black with a glossy finish. Over time the black paint wears off due to the elements of weather. The salty ocean air is a prime factor. You’ll know that it’s time for a repaint when the metal gets covered with rust. Black railings turn to reddish brown as the metal begins to oxidize. This is a sign that metal railings need to be repainted.

Benefits of Painting Metal Railings:

Handrails are an important safety net to prevent falls. California building code requires railings to be installed along staircases and many other areas. It’s the law to keep them functional. Painting metal railings help maximize their lifespan.

Painting exterior railings that are severely worn can provide a boost to a building’s aesthetic. Railing painting is a simple remedy to make a building look more modern,

Corrosion is the number one threat to any metal surface. Metal railings begin to rust and corrode when exposed to ocean air. Painting handrails will provide an extra layer of protection against corrosion.

Types Of Railings We Paint:

We weatherproof and paint all kinds of metal railings. Everything from staircase railings, patio railings, roof deck railings, fences, and gates. Our team has repainted metal railings made of wrought iron, stainless steel, and aluminum.

If not properly maintained, metal railings are prone to rust. Fortunately, paint offers an excellent layer of protection. Whether you need railings painted on select balconies or an entire building, RayAccess can help.

Industrial Rope Access For Balcony Railing Painting:

The safest and most efficient way to paint balcony railings is via industrial rope access (IRA). IRA is a work positioning system using anchors and a two-line rope system. With this method, there is no need to enter units from the inside.

RayAccess employs a team of certified industrial rope access technicians to paint balcony railings. In addition to IRA, our team is also trained to use boom lifts, swing stages, and extension ladders.

Metal Railing Painting Process:


Before we apply any paint, the metal railings need to be thoroughly cleaned. Any bird dropping, dust, dirt, or debris must be removed with a pressure washer spray gun.

Surface Preparation:

Metal railings need to be prepared for adhesion. We sand, brush, and scrape off all loose paint.

Priming & Painting:

A primer coat that is compatible with the paint is applied. Finally, the painting can begin. We use high-performance paint that is graffiti and stain-resistant. Up to two coats of paint are applied using a roller, brush, or paint glove.

Alternative Services:

Hotel Painting:

RayAccess does a variety of painting projects for hotels. We paint exterior facades and hotel atriums. We also do high interior painting and stucco repair.

Logo Painting:

Painting a new logo on a building is a definite way to signify change. RayAccess can repaint or paint new signage on buildings over 20 stories high.

Commercial Exterior Painting:

The RayAccess crew has successfully fulfilled a variety of commercial painting projects. Past projects include painting warehouses, churches, shopping centers, HOAs, and high-rise buildings.

The RayAccess Difference:

Insured & Licensed:

RayAccess High Painting is a fully insured and CA-licensed (LIC #1052570) painting contractor with a reputation for safety, quality, and efficiency. Whether you need to reinforce the durability of metal railings, or just want a fresh new look. RayAccess performs metal railing painting for both residential and commercial clients.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

RayAccess uses high-performance paint that guarantees results for up to 10 years. We also furnish labor warranties depending on the job. Getting an estimate for metal railing painting is easy with RayAccess. Just send us a message or call our office. A member of our customer service team will be happy to provide you with a quote or schedule a job walk to assess your needs.

High Access Expertise:

RayAccess is uniquely skilled to access metal railings at any level. We employ the full spectrum of access methods including industrial rope access, ladders, swing stages, and boom lifts. Our proposals are often 30-40% below other contractors as we combine traditional access methods with Industrial Rope Access.

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