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Santa Monica is a beautiful city known for its ocean views, environmentally conscious community, and vibrant beach culture. Our window cleaning services are well aligned with Santa Monica’s focus on sustainability. RayAccess technicians use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and non motorized access equipment to reach windows. Industrial rope access technology & water fed poles emit zero carbon into the environment. We are proud to serve the city of Santa Monica by enhancing the breathtaking coastal views with perfectly clear windows.

If you live or work in Santa Monica contact RayAccess. Our team is helping both residential and commercial properties keep their windows crystal clear. Other benefits of our professional window cleaning service includes improved curb appeal, more natural light, and a longer window lifespan.

Ocean Air and Window Cleaning:

Santa Monica’s location along the pacific ocean influences its climate. With 3.5 miles of coastline, the ocean is a dominant factor in the 8.3 square miles that make up the city of Santa Monica. The marine layer coming off the Pacific keeps temperatures moderate. Santa Monica has cooler summers and milder winters then inland areas in Los Angeles County.

Salt and moisture from the ocean make for a pleasant living condition but also have drawbacks. Salty ocean air creates a white milky layer on window glass. The technical term is called efflorescence. If this is not removed the glass will begin to corrode. Fortunately, routine window cleaning prevents efflorescence and extends the lifespan of windows. Santa Monica properties tend to request window cleaning anywhere from once a month to twice a year. Frequency really depends on how close the house or building is to the ocean.


Enhancing Coastal Views:

Salt residue, dust, dirt, and grime can easily accumulate on window glass overtime. These contaminants block out sunlight and take away the vibrancy of nature’s colors. Professional window cleaners make sure glass is crystal clear and streak free. Allowing guests and occupants to maximize their viewing experience of Santa Monica’s coastline and breathtaking sunsets.

Santa Monica hotels must keep windows clean for maintaining a professional image and attracting guests. Window cleaning is also a proven sales tactic that real estate agents request before showing a property. Whether residential or commercial, RayAccess can tailor window cleaning plans to meet the unique needs of each client.

Santa Monica Window Cleaning Services:

RayAccess is equipped to serve the entire city of Santa Monica no matter the property. Santa Monica has everything from single family homes to high rise buildings. We have dedicated crews that specialize in different access methods that include swing stage, boom lift, water fed poles, ground floor, and rope access window cleaning. No job is too big or small for RayAccess.

Alternative Services:

The RayAccess Difference:

Fully Insured:

RayAccess has served Santa Monica since 2011. We are fully insured and bonded. All employees have been trained and passed background checks. Beware of amateur window washers. 

One Stop Shop:

RayAccess technicians are cross trained to not only clean windows but are also competent in pressure washing, gutter cleaning, and fall protection best practices.

Customer Service:

From our front line crew to our back office, our staff is here to serve you. We are a professional company with an experienced team that listens to our customers. Each project is followed up for customer feedback and review.

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