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RayAccess, Inc. is a tower painting company that fulfills the aesthetic, durability, and compliance requirements of painted tower owners and their representatives. We can paint electric transmission towers, telecommunications towers, wind turbines, poles or skeletal structures erected on buildings, storage tanks, and ski lift towers. RayAccess provides the safest & most cost-effective method for tower painting.

Our Company is based in Southern California but we will travel for tower painting projects all over the USA. We employ certified industrial rope access technicians in compliance with SPRAT, IRATA and OSHA best practices. If you are looking for a reliable partner to fulfill your painting job on-time & on-budget, contact us today!

RayAccess High Painting is an industrial rope access certified & licensed (CA LIC #1052570), tower painting company.

Markets & Applications for Tower Painting:

Whether you need a tower painted on a commercial or industrial property, no project is too big or small for RayAccess. The mission for most of our tower painting projects is to ensure aviation safety by increasing conspicuity.  

Electric transmission towers:

transmission tower painting serviceAlso called pylons or electricity pylons, these small towers go up to 200 feet. They can be found close to our homes, schools, and neighborhoods. Unfortunately, some electric transmission towers have lead paint, thus need to be recoated with non-lead-based paint for health reasons.

Telecommunication towers

telecommunication tower painting serviceTelecommunication towers provide signals to consumer devices so people have access to broadcast television, radio, telephone, and cellphone reception. RayAccess paints all types of telecommunication towers including guyed, self-supported or monopole tower frames. 

Wind turbines:

wind turbine painting serviceSingle wind turbines or wind turbine farms also need to be painted to ensure increased conspicuity for pilots. Unlike telecommunication towers, wind turbines should be painted white or light gray to provide daytime conspicuity.

Erected skeletal structures:

top of building painting serviceSkeletal structures erected at top of buildings, sometimes need to be painted. We paint skeletal structures for antennas, flagpoles, signage, and more. Roof top painting for FAA requirements, aesthetics, and weatherproofing.    

Storage tanks:

water tank painting serviceStorage tanks replenish the community with the energy they need. They are found in virtually every city across the country. Water, gas, and grain storage tanks are most frequently painted using aviation orange and white with a teardrop or checkerboard pattern. 

Ski lift towers: 

ski lift painting servicePainting ski lift towers and or trams are generally requested for branding purposes. RayAccess can restore an old skylift with fresh coats of paint, to improve the look of the resort.

Why are Towers Painted Red and White?

Ever see a tall tower and wonder why it’s painted red and white? The answer is a Federal mandate, stemming back to the early days of broadcasting and aviation.

In 1934, FCC & FAA (then called, Bureau of Air Commerce) were created to regulate communications and air travel. The two agencies collaborated to find ways to protect the public from fear of pilots crashing into a growing new infrastructure of radio towers. The solution was a tower marking scheme that included beacon lights and alternating bands of color (yellow and black or white and black). Soon the color scheme changed to what it is today, not red and white but aviation orange (#12197) and white (#17875). [1]

To determine if repainting is needed, the FCC requires an annual test at the top of the tower, performed by a certified climbing crew. The FCC has fined Tower owners up to $25,000 and severely faded/chipped paint has been documented as one of the violations. 

How to Safely Paint a Tower?

The safest way to paint towers is via a method called Industrial Rope Access. This access method follows strict protocols and intensive training. It involves inspections of equipment, safety planning, anchor setup and rigging. Certified industrial rope access technicians are trained to follow best practices which are governed by international associations (SPRAT/IRATA).

Once the crew is able to work on a tower safely, the multi-step painting process can begin. A professional tower painting crew should test the surface for paint adhesion. Surface preparation may require a certain level of sandblasting or pressure washing. Several coats of paint are applied via mitt painting or spray painting. 

Benefits of Tower Painting:

Fight Corrosion: 

Metal structures need to be protected from corrosion and rust; especially in climates with heavy pollution and salty ocean air. Routine painting helps protect the substrate and structural integrity of the tower.

Avoid Fines:

The FCC fines tower companies that are not compliant with flight safety rules. The FAA considers all structures above 499 feet (Above Ground Level) to be obstructions. It’s important to follow federal guidelines or your company may be fined.

Reduce Lead Exposure:

Unfortunately, some towers are very close to where people live and can be a health hazard if they contain lead paint. To ensure good health for the public, recoating the tower with non-lead paint is a must.

Tower Painting Cost:

Due to our training/certifications using industrial rope access, RayAccess technicians are able to paint towers in a safe and timely manner. Tower painting proposals are based on scope-of-work regarding the following variables.

Cost of paint: 

The tower company can request a specific paint or RayAccess can recommend paint for the project.

Surface area:

We need the tower’s surface area in total square feet. Towers range in dimensions which directly impact the number of labor hours it takes to complete each project.


We need to determine the amount of prep work needed before any coats of paint are applied or warranties are granted. Has the substrate been neglected calling for a special coating application, sandblasting, or pressure washing? Is there a need for night painting or lead paint abatement? Answers to these questions can help estimators determine working conditions as well as condition of the tower.


Travel, accommodation, and per diem costs are listed on the proposal depending on tower location.

To ensure attractive pricing, a full understanding of specifications and worksite photos is requested. 

The RayAccess Difference:

IRATA/SPRAT Certified: 

Besides being a licensed and fully insured tower painter, the RayAccess crew has special training in the application of industrial rope access.  We employ IRATA/SPRAT certified industrial rope access technicians.

We Stand Behind Our Work:

Depending on the project, we provide a workmanship warranty for tower painting services.

California Licensed:

Conveniently located to serve the state of California, RayAccess is based in Los Angeles.


  1. FAA Advisory Circular. Obstruction Marking and Lighting. 2015.



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