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RayAccess is proud to support renewable energy by painting wind turbines across the USA. Wind turbine painting provides sufficient protection, so wind turbines can live their maximum life capacity of 30-35 years. Exterior painting is a proven method for fighting corrosion. The way energy is being created has changed, but the need for protecting equipment and structures remains the same. 

RayAccess High Painting (CA Lic #1052570) is uniquely skilled to work on wind turbines. We employ certified industrial rope access technicians that are trained to safely access high structures using ropes. As a nonmotorized access method that requires no petrol, industrial rope access, along with wind energy, releases zero emission into the environment. If you own or work with wind towers, contact RayAccess to fulfill any type of rope access painting or cleaning request.  

RayAccess High Painting is fully insured, rope access certified, and CA licensed (LIC #1052570).

How To Safely Paint A Wind Tower:

Rope Access is the preferred way to safely paint wind towers. Perfected by the oil exploration industry, industrial rope access is a non-motorized access method using anchors and two-line rope systems. Industrial rope access technicians follow strict protocols when inspecting equipment, setting up anchors, rigging, and rappelling. Using rope access, technicians can move vertically & horizontally, painting every part of a wind tower.  

Wind Turbine 101:

The latest reports have calculated that there are over 70,000 wind turbines in the United States [1]. New wind turbines are installed with roughly 3,000 built every year. Wind turbines range from 120 to 500 feet tall including the tower and blades. A 500-foot wind turbine is 2x taller than a 20 story building. As you can imagine wind turbines are very difficult to maintain given their extreme height. The typical lifespan of a turbine is 30-35 years. 

The primary components that make up a wind turbine include the tower, the nacelle which houses a generator, and three blades. Wind turbines were made of 4 and 5 blades, but 3 has been proven to generate the most energy. In addition, older wind turbines were erected with lattice sides. 

Threats Facing Wind Turbines?

Major threats facing wind turbines include corrosion and flying birds that can damage the blades. Since wind turbines are made of steel and fiberglass, it’s important to protect wind turbines with paint. Wind turbines are particularly at risk of corrosion due to their exposure to harsh weather conditions. Constant winds, UV radiation, heat and storms will corrode exterior surfaces of wind turbines. RayAccess high access paint technicians are committed to NACE and SSPC coating standards.  

Deterring birds from colliding into wind turbines is a popular topic of debate in many environmental and political circles. There are promising studies out of Europe, concluding that painting one blade black has decreased collision fatalities with birds over 70% per year [2].

Why Are Wind Turbines Painted White?

If you have ever driven to Palm Springs, you probably remember the sight of hundreds of white windmills welcoming you upon arrival. Just like the neon lights of Vegas or the Hollywood sign in LA, windmills are an iconic visual for Palm Springs. Federal Aviation Administration standards require that wind turbines be painted white or light gray to increase their visibility in daylight hours. 

What Kind Of Paint Is Used On Wind Turbines?

There are a variety of painting systems available for the protection of wind turbines including polymer coatings, metal coatings, and ceramic coatings. It’s always recommended to consult with a licensed commercial paint contractor, to find the best painting system for your project. Contact RayAccess,  we are happy to discuss recommendations for your wind turbine painting project. 

Wind Turbine Cleaning:

Wind turbine cleaning is an important step before any coats of paint are applied. The old adage, you never want to paint a dirty surface also applies to painting wind turbines. Another important benefit for cleaning wind turbines is to avoid fines from oil leaks. Oil spills are common with wind turbines. They have lubricants inside the nacelle. It typically drips down the sides.

The RayAccess Difference:

Rope Access Certified:

We employ industrial rope access technicians, RayAccess technicians are professionally trained and certified by  IRATA/SPRAT.

5 Star Project Management:

We hire experienced operations managers that provide a high level of coordination with our front-line workers and clients.

California Based:

The RayAccess team is conveniently located in Los Angeles. We are in close proximity to many wind turbine farms.


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