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Given the extreme weather conditions, maintaining a ski lift can be challenging. Cracking and peeling paint that exposes the substrate of ski lift towers, chairlifts, and gondolas can bring fear to the minds of your casual skier. Fortunately, Rayaccess can restore your ski lift back to a fully protected and smooth surface. Once our work is done, your guests will have full confidence in the safety of your resort.

RayAccess performs ski lift painting while fulfilling the aesthetic & protective coating requirements of ski resorts nationwide. Our employed industrial rope access technicians clean/paint ski lifts which include removal of all grease, gum, stickers, as well as bolt tightening.  As a professional ski lift painting company, RayAccess has the safest and most efficient methods for painting ski lifts. If you are looking for a reliable partner to fulfill the specifications of your ski lift painting project on time & on budget, contact us today!

RayAccess High Painting is fully insured, rope access certified, and CA licensed (LIC #1052570).

The Importance of Ski Lifts for Ski Tourism:

The first ski chairlift, invented in 1936, helped open ski tourism. Before chairlifts, skiing was mainly for adventurous mountaineering types who had the stamina and strength to hike up a mountain or use a rope tow. Getting skiers up the mountain quick, safe, and easy, was the mission of a railroad tycoon. 

Union Pacific’s top boss, Averell Harriman, looked to boost passenger railroad travel by opening the world’s first destination ski resort. So it be, Harriman commissioned the world’s first ski chair lift for Sun Valley Resort, which opened in December 1936. 

Aesthetics Aside – Why Do Ski Lifts Need Repainting?

Ski lift technology has advanced since the 1930s but towers, lifts, chairs, and other equipment still need to be protected from extreme weather conditions and strong UV rays. Oxidization from the sun leads to paint fading, cracking, and peeling. Once paint fails, the substrate is no longer protected and there is risk of structural damage.

Industrial Rope Access for Painting Ski Lifts:

Industrial rope access is an access method with strict guidelines and training protocols. Known for its super-fast deployment, cost efficiency, eco-friendliness, and increased versatility & safety, industrial rope access is used all over the world by the oil exploration industry.

RayAccess uses industrial rope access for ski tower painting. We employ IRATA/SPRAT rope access certified technicians. Industrial rope access causes minimal disruption to the operations of your resort. Our rope access crew is professional, safe, and affordable.  

Surface Preparation & Prepaint Inspections:

Amateur ski lift painters neglect surface preparation. If the surface is not fully cleaned and degreased, new paint will not stick. Old peeling or oxidized paint needs to be removed.   

RayAccess also does a pre-paint inspection to identify the substrate.  We use drone technology and rope access to perform visual inspections. Once the substrate is identified, we can recommend an appropriate paint. Next up, we do adhesion testing to confirm the paint sticks.

Frequency of Ski Lift Painting:

The frequency in which resorts need to clean/paint their ski lifts depends on the thoroughness of last cleaning & painting job, weather conditions, and elevation to the sun. On average, ski lift painting is performed every 3 to 5 years.

Lift Safety Guide:

Check out the ski lift maintenance guide published by NSAA.

Getting a Ski Lift Painting Estimate:

Contact RayAccess to get a free estimate for your ski lift painting job. For the most attractive pricing, a full understanding of specifications and worksite photos will be requested. RayAccess looks at cost of paint, surface area, surface condition, and location of job site when determining pricing. 

The RayAccess Difference:

Working at Height Specialist: 

Besides being a fully insured tower painter, the RayAccess crew has special training in fall protection. We have expertise across the full spectrum of access methods including Rope Access, powered platforms, and man lifts.

We Stand Behind Our Work:

Depending on the project, we can provide a workmanship warranty for ski tower painting.

Fully Insured & Licensed:

RayAccess is a licensed commercial painter and professional ski lift painting company. RayAccess has full insurance coverage for any type of project. Typical coverage is $1,000,000 workers compensation, $2,000,000 general liability, $5,000,000 excess liability, and $1,000,000 commercial auto coverage.



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