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RayAccess performs flagpole maintenance services to support rooftop and building mounted flags. Our flagpole maintenance capabilities include replacement of rooftop flags, major components, rope installation, flagpole cleaning and painting. Routine maintenance helps ensure your flag delivers a visual message of pride. Empty flagpoles or damaged flags send the wrong message but we can help.

RayAccess employs certified industrial rope access technicians that establish safe access to restore and maintain rooftop or building mounted flags. We are a professional company that is fully insured and equipped for the job. Simply contact our customer service team or find answers to some frequently asked questions about flagpole maintenance below. 

Properties we serve:

  • Hotels & Casinos
  • Arenas & Stadiums
  • Places of Worship 
  • Historic Buildings
  • Museums & Hospitals
  • Commercial Buildings

RayAccess Inc. is a fully insured and professional flagpole maintenance company.

Components of a Flagpole:

To help you understand and communicate what needs to be fixed, here is a list of a flagpole’s major components.

  • Butt: is at the bottom end of the flagpole. The Butt fits in a metal shaft at the foundation.
  • Cleat: lies 5 feet or so above the Butt. Cleat is a sideways T shaped brace used to secure the flag by wrapping the rope around it several times.
  • Halyard: the rope which is used to raise and lower the flag. Extending upward from the cleat is the Halyard channel which protects the Halyard from theft.
  • Snap Hook: or flag snap is a hook used to attach the flag to the halyard from the pulley assembly mounted to the flagpole’s top.
  • Truck: is the pulley assembly at the top which can be stationary or revolving. The latter has bearings allowing the flag to turn with the wind. 
  • Finial: is a decorative ornament at the very top above the truck. It can be an eagle, or acorn. 

Common Flag Pole Issues:

Rooftop flags are in a state of constant strain with the elements. UV rays, wind, rain, pollution, and ocean air take a major toll on a flag’s short lifespan of just 6 months. Common issues we have seen include rusted flagpoles, frayed Halyard ropes, missing snap hooks, broken trucks, and ripped, stained, or missing flags. 

Establishing A Safe Access System:

Roof mounted flagpoles can be very hard to reach. Establishing a safe access system is essential for anyone that works on a high flagpole. Industrial rope access is the safest and often only way to establish a safe access system. Rope access allows workers to move vertically, horizontally, and diagonally in a controlled manner. Rope access technicians also work with drones to carry ropes over and monitor rigging which requires two independant anchor points and lines. Rigging plans need to follow strict protocols from SPRAT or IRATA, the governing bodies that certify and train industrial rope access technicians. 

Alternative Services:

The RayAccess Difference:

Certified Technicians:

RayAccess employs certified industrial rope access technicians. 

Fully Insured:

Our typical insurance coverage: General Liability – $2M, Workers Compensation – $1M, Excess Liability – $5M, Commercial Auto – $1M.

Reputable Company:

We ask all our customers for their feedback so we can offer the best possible service. See what our customers have to say about RayAccess.  





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