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RayAccess provides cost efficient painting services to cell towers throughout California. Our rope access technicians will protect the durability, appearance, and FAA requirements of your cell, radio, tv, navigational or transmissions tower. As the preferred Los Angeles based high access painting contractor, RayAccess also works on rooftop sites by painting antennas to color match building exteriors. Our team fully inspects the surface material and tests for paint adhesion. RayAccess provides multiple solutions for surface preparation and coating applications for, brush containment protection, and spraying of polyurethanes, epoxies or water based urethanes.

The ultimate goal of RayAccess is to implement the highest quality painting service, the most efficient way. We use rope access safety equipment and techniques to get all work done. Our Company serves Southern California but we will travel for some projects throughout the USA. All technicians are trained and certified in compliance with SPRAT, IRATA and OSHA best practices. If you are looking for a reliable partner to fulfill your project time efficiently and cost effectively, contact us today!

RayAccess High Painting is fully insured, rope access certified, and CA licensed (LIC #1052570).

Industrial Rope Access for telecommunication towers:

Rope access is a non-motorized work positioning system. Rope Access allows technicians to work at great heights or very hard-to-reach locations by using anchors and two-line rope systems. Rope Access has been employed all across the world with over 15 million hours of recorded labor completed. Perfected by the oil exploration industry, rope access is the preferred method for inspection, maintenance, and repair. RayAccess is certified at the highest level of level 3 rope access accreditation. Our industrial rope access team proudly serves the cell tower and wireless industry.

FAA Requirements and hazards to aviation:

Federal government regulations have increased for the wireless industry. It is reported that FCC agents have increased their inspection efforts for the lighting and painting of cell towers. Telecommunication towers need to satisfy the painting requirements of the aviation industry or pay $10,000 and up in fines for faded, flaking or even chipped paint. It has also been noted that since there is no absolute height limit for antenna towers, both the FCC and FAA have established a position against anything over 2000 feet above ground level. RayAccess can help you avoid liability exposure with our cell tower painting services.

Threats to corrosion:

Due to weather conditions, the threat of corrosion and rusting must be paid special attention to for cell towers. Maintaining the integrity and structural soundness of your telecommunications tower is key. Especially in California with extreme weather fluctuations and wildfires your towers are at risk. RayAccess is committed to protecting your wireless infrastructure with our anti-corrosion,  standardized coating, and high access painting techniques. Our fully insured and certified painting contractors are trained using best practices in NACE and SSPC coating standards.

Types of Towers & Painting Needs:

Telecommunication towers come in a variety of structures, shapes and sizes. Our team will service self supported, guyed, and monopole tower frames. Professional painting application can help keep the structural soundness of the iron whether it be angled, rounded, or back to back iron. We welcome the opportunity to participate in the RFQ process. We look forward to getting a complete understanding of your tower specifications, painting and coating needs.

Alternative Services:

In addition to cell towers, RayAccess does tower painting on water tanks, ski lifts, electric transmission towers, wind turbines, and various skeletal structures erected on buildings.

Cell Tower Painting Cost:

Just like any industrial rope access project, a RayAccess proposal estimate depends on the scope of work. Due to rope access technology, our technicians are able to reach your cell tower the safest and most cost-effective way. Whether our team visits the site or the tower’s owner provides us with the specifications, a thorough understanding of the tower site is needed. A professional painting proposal can only be accurate if the necessary preparation is completed. 

Tower Painting Highlights:

  • Fully Insured & licensed painting contractor.
  • Our technicians are trained and certified in compliance with OSHA, SPRAT and IRATA safe practices.
  • We guarantee satisfaction with our cell painting tower services. RayAccess technicians use the most advanced painting applications in accordance with the highest standards. In fact we have a 12-36 month labor warranty, and up to 5 year product warranty by paint manufacturers. 
  • Conveniently located to serve the state of California, RayAccess is based in Los Angeles.



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