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Since 2011, RayAccess is literally shining light into people’s lives. By turning dirt and grime-covered skylights into crystal clear skylights that are sparkling clean. Our crew performs skylight cleaning services to residential and commercial properties throughout the Los Angeles area. RayAccess technicians are fully insured and trained at working at height. 

Protect yourself and your skylights by hiring professionals to complete the job safely and effectively. We work on many types of roofs with hard-to-reach access points. Contact RayAccess today, and get a quote for skylight window cleaning.  

Cleaning skylights is not a DIY job, hire a fully insured & professional company.

Service Area:

RayAccess proudly services commercial and residential properties throughout Southern California. Though most of our residential work is on the westside of Los Angeles, we travel throughout the Valley, Long Beach, and Orange County for commercial work.

Our industrial rope access technicians can safely access and clean skylights at multi-unit residential complexes, hotels, office buildings, retail properties, and single family homes. 

Fall Protection:

Know your limits, falls from heights can result in serious injury or even death. The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, says 500,000 people are treated for ladder-related injuries every year [1]. 

RayAccess has the safest protocols in place for skylight window cleaning. Our technicians are certified in industrial rope access. This is the same access method employed by the oil exploration industry. Industrial rope access involves using anchors and a two-line rope pulley system. 

In addition to industrial rope access, RayAccess has expertise across the full spectrum of access methods including telescopic water-fed poles, suspended scaffolding, swing stages, man lifts, and ladders. Fall-protection methods enable RayAccess technicians to safely reach and clean skylights at virtually any part of a building or house.

Skylights Collect Dirt:

Skylights come in different shapes and sizes such as flat, arch, dome, and pyramid. Their positioning is either flat or sloped, therefore skylights collect more dirt than window glazing which is horizontal. Given this fact, cleaning skylights is a much more labor intensive task.   

Skylight Cleaning The Professional Way:Before & After Results, Skylight Cleaning

Beware of hiring amateurs for skylight cleaning. Besides skylight cleaning being dangerous, novice window washers can leave hard water stains or scratch glass if not equipped with the right tools. 

The RayAccess crew has well maintained equipment and a proven process for cleaning skylights. We avoid skylight cleaning during the hottest part of the day so there is no quick drying from the sun. We also start at the highest row and work our way down. The aforementioned best practices limit water drips which can lead to the need for hard water removal services

RayAccess technicians remove all dirt and rinse. We apply an environmentally friendly cleaning solution with a scrubber, remove the solution with an abrasive pad to eliminate all contaminants including bird droppings. The last step is to dry the glass with a squeegee. When necessary RayAccess removes and cleans screens by hand. If requested, RayAccess can also work inside your home to make skylights clean inside and out. Our professional team wears shoe covers to keep the interior of your home clean and dry. 

Understanding Skylight Condensation:

If your skylights are foggy you may have skylight condensation. Cleaning skylights will not get rid of condensation. The condensation occurs because of excess moisture inside your home. When warm moist air rises to the ceiling, condensation can appear on skylight glass. The remedy is to provide better ventilation or air circulation.

How Often Should Skylights Be Cleaned?

Once or twice per year at the minimum. Since skylights collect more debris than the rest of your exterior glass they need to be cleaned more often. Buildings or homes in close proximity to tall trees, high pollen counts, or ocean air may need much more frequent cleaning.  

Clean Skylights, Boosts Happiness:)

Happiness is relative to the individual but we know that increasing the amount of natural light and fresh air in your home can lead to many conditions associated with happiness such as higher levels of Vitamin D for increased immunity, higher energy levels, better sleep. 

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RayAccess Skylight Cleaning Highlights:

Satisfaction Guarantee:

RayAccess labor guarantee means that if there are any issues with our work, our technicians will return to fix them at no additional cost.

Fully Insured:

RayAccess is a fully insured exterior building maintenance contractor. Our coverage includes 2M general liability, 1M commercial auto, 5M excess liability, and 1M workers compensation.

Rope Access Certified:

RayAccess employs IRATA/SPRAT certified industrial rope access technicians.


  1. ISHN News. 2017. 500,000 falls from ladders annually; 97 percent occur at home or on farms.





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