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Since 2011, RayAccess has provided professional window cleaning services to the Beverly Hills community and beyond. You can count on us to deliver sparkling clean and streak-free windows every time. RayAccess is fully insured and trained so there is no risk to you, no matter how difficult the job.

RayAccess technicians are highly trained in the window cleaning trade. Our staff has passed a background screening, and acquired certifications to use access and fall protection equipment. This allows us to operate as a fully insured business. We carry comprehensive insurance coverage that meets important compliance requirements and eliminates all risks to our clients.

Our team knows what it takes to keep a home looking its best. We hear from some of our customers it’s like running a small business, and we know a thing or two about that. You can leave the window cleaning to us, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the view — from your clean and crystal clear sparkling windows. So if you need window cleaning in Beverly Hills, contact RayAccess.

We Handle it All:

  • Interior windows
  • Exterior windows
  • Window screens
  • Window tracks
  • Skylights
  • New home construction windows

RayAccess Inc. is a fully insured and certified Window Washing Company

Beverly Hills Service Area: 

Beverly Hills has a diverse array of housing including single family, townhomes, small apartment buildings, large apartment complexes, office buildings, and hotels. RayAccess services them all. Whether you live in one of the multi-story apartment complexes on Sunset Blvd or a home in the hills of Trousdale Estates with unique construction and intricate architecture, our staff is equipped with accessing the most difficult to reach windows at any height. 


RayAccess proudly serves:

  • Residential homes
  • Condos
  • Apartments
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Storefronts
  • Mid-rise buildings
  • High-rise buildings

The Importance of Window Cleaning:

  1. Extend life of windows: Routine window cleaning helps to protect the durability and lifespan of your window’s glazing. If glass stays dirty for long periods of time it can develop permanent staining that would require polishing or glass replacement.
  2. Quality of life: Due to the popular adage, a picture is a thousand words, what we say at RayAccess is, “a window is the best picture, and clean windows make us happy!” We believe clean windows increase overall satisfaction and enjoyment of the home or workplace.
  3. Curb appeal: In the fashion industry, window shopping is an important marketing channel as clean storefront windows are a must. The same can be said for apartment rentals. Clean windows mean less complaints about high rent and increased demand for your rentals. Whether you’re in fashion or real estate, clean windows create curb appeal.


Window Cleaning the Professional Way: 

A professional window washer maintains a very thorough regime when it comes to the preparation and implementation of window washing services. The process is simple but requires a large tool kit that is kept meticulously clean.

With the right tools and procedures in place, windowing cleaning can be completed with great speed and quality. Once RayAccess is finished with the job, you will have streak-free windows, with no trace of any residue, lint, or hard water stains

Our crews operate with great attention to detail as our client’s satisfaction is our top priority. We are very mindful to protect the interior if we need to work inside the home. On every job, our staff wears clean shoe covers. Leaving no trace behind, we also place cloths beneath windows to protect your floor, carpet, and furniture.

Lastly, our staff is asked to stay home if they have any symptoms of Covid-19. In accordance with CDC recommendations, we practice social distancing, wear face covers, and wash hands frequently.


Professional Window Washing Techniques:

Applying the right tools and techniques to each job site is the most important factor to generate results.

  1. Some job sites require the use of hand cleaning with a clean scrubber, cleaning product, and squeegee. In addition to, detailing with lint free towels.
  2. While other job sites with hard water stains require cleaning with deionized water and brush. 
  3. Long waterfed poles can help to reach up to 5-stories in height but this is not suitable for very dirty windows that require a deep clean by hand scrubbing. In this case, a window washer should reach the area via swing stage or rope access to remove dirt buildup that requires manual scrubbing. Cleaning with water fed poles is best for routine service after a deep clean is performed.



RayAccess technicians are certified to use the full spectrum of access equipment: water-fed poles, ladders, man lifts, suspended scaffolding (aka swing stage), and Industrial Rope Access.

Industrial Rope access has the highest safety ratings with regard to working at height. RayAccess is certified at the highest level of level 3 rope access accreditation.


Beware of Amateur Window Washers: 

Amateur window washers almost never follow pre-screening procedures and complete background checks. When hiring an amateur window washer without insurance or a business license you are at risk for a nightmare situation to occur.

You will be at risk if a worker falls, and could be liable for accidental risks of physical loss or physical damage. Please be aware, the number of people who have died from ladder falls has tripled in the past decade, according to the World Health Organization.

In addition, most amateur window cleaners are learning on the job. They could easily scratch window glass for example.


How Much Does Window Cleaning Cost: 

A per pane rate is between $4-$10 for a standard sliding window. Having that said, windows come in all shapes and sizes. Quotes vary depending on the labor required to clean your property that may include french windows, bay windows, skylights, glass railings, etc.

The size and difficulty to access and clean different windows can be complicated but getting an estimate for your specific window cleaning request is simple.

RayAccess provides online estimates within 10 minutes for most Beverly Hills residents. Please call RayAccess during business hours. If you share your request and the job site address with one of our friendly representatives, we will look up the property online and provide you with an estimate. 

Some properties in Beverly Hills require a job walk with one of our project managers before we can provide you with a quote. For example, if you have a new home in the Holmby Hills area there won’t be any published photos online. In this case, we will schedule an appointment at a convenient time.



Gutter Cleaning: Tall trees in Beverly Hills are known to be a driver for clogged gutters. RayAccess performs routine maintenance of rain gutters to prevent any damage of water intrusion into the home. Hire RayAccess for Beverly Hills Gutter Cleaning.

Roof Cleaning: Another popular service due to tall trees is roof cleaning. RayAccess provides roof cleaning to residents and businesses throughout the Beverly Hills area.

New Home Construction: After a new home is built windows can be marked up with paint overspray, construction tape, and construction debris. So you can enjoy your new Beverly Hills home, hire RayAccess for post-construction window cleaning


Benefits of Professional Window Cleaning:

FAST ESTIMATE & SERVICE: RayAccess makes window cleaning easy by providing free estimates within ten minutes and super easy scheduling. Just call us six days a week during business hours. Whether you want windows washed for your very old home in the Roxbury Park area or your high rise apartment in the Flats, our team responds quickly.

NO RISK TO YOU: Beware of amateur contractors and don’t let unvetted strangers into your property. RayAccess, Inc. is an established business with over 10 years of experience serving the Beverly Hills community. We are licensed and insured with workers compensation, general liability, excess liability, and auto coverage. You the property owner is never liable when you hire RayAccess. 

FULL SERVICE CAPABILITIES: If you need more than just your windows cleaned, RayAccess does exterior house cleaning on your entire property. Ask about discounted packages for Beverly Hills residents that order window cleaning packages and gutter cleaning, pressure washing, or roof cleaning.

We guarantee high quality service and your satisfaction

  • We won’t leave until you absolutely happy with the results
  • If there are any concerns found later we will come back to fix them quickly
  • You’ll pay only when the job is 100% complete

Window Cleaning Services


Regular Window Cleaning

One-time window cleaning, exterior only or both sides. We can clean any type of windows, skylights, glass railings and canopies, mirrors and other glass surfaces.


Routine Window Washing

We can set a specific schedule to clean the windows on a regular basis. Typical periods for exterior or interior commercial window washing are weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually. Usually, discount from 5 to 30% is applied depending on frequency of the service. Based on our experience, retail and storefront glass require more frequent service then exterior glass on office buildings, for example.


Construction Window Cleaning

Post-construction window cleaning includes removal of construction debris from glass such as paint splatter and overspray, sealer and sealants stains, adhesives, stickers and tape, cement and others. Additionally, per clients request frames, tracks and sills can be included in the cleaning. Sometimes, there are stains on the glass that would require glass polishing. (See our Hard Water Removal page for more information)


Special Access Window Cleaning

Unlike other residential window cleaners, we specialize in special access techniques applicable for multi-story residential houses. Thus, we can access and clean windows safely virtually at any spot of your house or residence. Most importantly, the access techniques and equipment, we use, are much safer and often less expensive than using conventional tall ladders, lifts or scaffolding.

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