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RayAccess Inc. is a professional and fully insured pressure washing contractor. Our company has successfully completed thousands of pressure washing jobs for both residential and commercial properties.

Los Angeles deals with many factors that contribute to the never-ending task that calls for pressure washing services. RayAccess proudly meets this challenge. To learn more about pressure washing service with RayAccess, see the table of contents below, featuring customer feedback and frequently asked questions.

RayAccess Inc. is a fully insured and professional pressure washing company

What Areas Do You Service?

RayAccess proudly serves both residential and commercial properties throughout Southern California. Though most of our residential pressure washing jobs are on the westside of LA, we travel for some larger projects and commercial business. RayAccess has traveled throughout the Valley, Long Beach, and Orange County for pressure washing jobs. Call today for pressure washing or power washing on your:

  • Driveways
  • Patios & Balconies
  • Parking lots & Garages
  • Outdoor Furniture & Structures

Does Pressure Washing Damage Exterior Surfaces?

We have the skills to determine the level of intensity for each specific exterior surface. RayAccess exterior maintenance technicians inspect all surface materials and apply the appropriate PSI (pounds per square inch) to accomplish two objectives

  1. Removing the grime, dirt or stain
  2. Preventing any damage to the surface material

House pressure washing uses a range of 700 to 4000 PSI. It all depends on the surface and level of cleaning needed to remove contaminants. If the front of your house has stucco surfaces full of dirt or dust, a different PSI should be applied versus your driveway that is full of tire marks. 

Stucco surfaces are usually cleaned with PSI between 1600-2000 so the paint is not damaged, whereas a concrete driveway requires 4000 PSI. In addition, if your driveway’s tire marks have oil stains, the concrete may require a pre-treatment cleaning application and very hot water to complete the job.

Is Pressure Washing OK During A Drought?

RayAccess follows recommendations from the EPA and local municipalities regarding the use of water for commercial purposes. Protecting the environment is rooted in our culture. Our team is comprised of professional rock climbers, and frequent campers who enjoy the great outdoors. We take great pride in protecting the environment. We employ certified industrial rope access technicians that advocate motorless access methods.

Why Should I Pressure Wash My Home?

Are you sick and tired of looking at your beautiful home just scarred with stubborn dirt and grime? No matter what you do, it seems your house is stained for good. Well, we have good news for you. Pressure washing is a deep cleaning method to remove dirt, dust, grime, mildew, algae, old flaking paint, chewing gum, graffiti removal, and all those eyesores.

High pressure water is applied to hard surfaces, but there is a process to prevent any damage to some exterior surfaces such as stucco, concrete, ceramic, wood, siding, to name a few. A professional exterior maintenance company is highly recommended to execute pressure washing for your home.

If you are looking to improve your overall happiness, good health, and reduce unnecessary painting or very expensive home repairs, don’t delay the cleaning of your home’s exterior. 

patio before and after photos

Increased Happiness:

Have you ever come home from a stressful day at work to find even more work to do around the house? Or perhaps you want your home to be your little sanctuary, where you can escape to a place you can control? Pressure washing is guaranteed to provide homeowners a sense of happiness when they come home from a hard day’s work. Improve your inner state of happiness by washing away all the bothersome dirt, grime, and eyesores that can ruin your private time at home.

Save Money:

Prevent costly repairs down the road by taking care of your home’s exterior surfaces today. Dirt builds up over time. If you’re not removing those small bird droppings and little marks your paint will deteriorate. Overtime, dirt fills microcracks and starts penetrating deeper into the substrate. This process is usually accelerated by direct sunlight and moisture. Ultimately, expensive repairs or painting would be required to get rid of large stains.

Better Health:

For health reasons alone, it pays to get rid of an environment that breeds hazardous algae and fungus. Organic contaminants in dust and pollen settle on surfaces together with moisture to create ideal conditions for mold growth.

How Often Should I Pressure Wash My Home?

It’s recommended to do a full exterior clean-up and pressure washing at least once a year.

How to Pressure Wash A House?

Unlike most DIYers or amateur maintenance contractors, RayAccess is an experienced and professional exterior building maintenance contractor. Performing a 4-step process.

  1. Before we start pressure washing, we assess and protect all the exterior electric outlets/devices, water-sensitive items, and surrounding plants that can be damaged.
  2. Next, we pre-treat any stains with biodegradable eco-friendly cleaning product and brushing. 
  3. Top to bottom, pressure washing is performed. When pressure washing a house, RayAccess technicians will rinse the hardscape around it, removing any dirt that came down.
  4. Last but not least, we perform a recommended window cleaning service immediately after the pressure washing. Water droplets can easily dry on glass, causing hard water stains. If not treated promptly, such stains would require glass polishing to take them off. Glass polishing to remove hard water stains is much more labor-intensive and expensive than standard window cleaning. 

The RayAccess Difference:

RayAccess Inc. is a professional and fully insured exterior maintenance and pressure washing company. We will do an excellent job on your home! With over 10 years of pressure washing experience, we are an eco-friendly company that guarantees results.

Satisfaction Guaranteed:

RayAccess has a satisfaction guarantee. In fact, we won’t leave a job site until you are absolutely happy with the results. As a locally owned business, our reputation is very important to us. See what customers are saying by checking out our reviews.

Experienced & Fully Insured:

We are fully insured with over 10 years of experience in commercial and residential pressure washing. We employ skilled technicians and provide them with continuing education and testing. We have successfully completed thousands of jobs throughout Los Angeles County.

One-Stop Shop:

RayAccess is equipped to clean the entire exterior of your home. Besides pressure washing, our team is skilled at cleaning rain gutters, windows, skylights, and roofs. If you hire us to clean multiple areas we can provide you with a volume discount.



Pressure Washing Service Area

RayAccess, Inc. provides Pressure Washing Services at the following areas: Los Angeles County (including Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Hollywood, Downtown Los Angeles, Glendale, Santa Clarita, Burbank, San Fernando, Pasadena, Culver City, Malibu, Marina del Rey, Playa del Rey, El Segundo, Manhattan Beach, Long Beach, Redondo Beach, Torrance, City of Commerce), Orange County (including Anaheim, Santa Ana, Fullerton), Riverside County (including Ontario, Riverside, Cabazon, Palm Springs), San Bernardino County (including Fontana, San Bernardino), San Diego County.

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