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Proudly Serving the Westside of Los Angeles and Surrounding Areas

RayAccess performs gutter maintenance services for residential and commercial properties. Our rain gutter maintenance capabilities include gutter/downspout cleaning, unclogging, gutter screen installation, gutter alignment, gutter repair, gutter caulking, and gutter painting. Routine gutter maintenance or eavestrough maintenance is very important to protect your home from water damage by efficiently directing rainwater away from the property and into a drain or downspout. 

RayAccess employs certified rope access technicians to safely work on your property’s gutter system no matter the height or how difficult to reach. We are a professional, fully insured, and licensed contractor. RayAccess is happy to help keep your gutter system functioning properly!

Properties we have serviced include:

  • private houses & residential complexes
  • restaurants & retail spaces
  • warehouses & industrial shops
  • gyms, swimming pools & sports stadiums
  • hotels & casinos
  • cathedrals & historic buildings
  • hospitals
  • museums

RayAccess Inc. is a fully insured and professional gutter maintenance company.

Service Area:

Since 2011, RayAccess has proudly served the westside of Los Angeles. We also travel throughout the Los Angeles area for select gutter maintenance jobs including commercial and industrial projects.

Why Rain Gutters Are So Important:

A well-maintained rain gutter system directs rainwater into a downspout or drain and away from the building. If your gutter system is not functioning properly, flooding or overflowing water can pool at siding, fascia boards, patios, decks, the roof, and basement. Flooding water will eventually damage your property as cracks, holes, mold, and unsightly stains will appear. This is why it is critical to maintain your gutters. Hire a professional maintenance company to confirm your gutter system is functioning properly.

Gutter System Terms:

Fascia Board: 

Serves as the mount for the gutters. Between the gutters and the roof eave is the fascia board. Most frequently, it’s made of wood with paint to protect it from rotting.

Gutter Sections:

The open trough captures rain from the roof. 

Miter Box:

Connect two gutter sections at a corner.  The gutter sections slide into the miter box like sleeves.

Gutter Connectors: 

To connect the gutter sections to the fascia board, gutter brackets are used in multiple forms such as hangers, screw-in hidden hangers, or spikes and ferrules.

Gutter Outlet: 

This is where the vertical gutter section meets the downspout. In some cases, a large ornamental funnel called a gutter leader is used to control the flow.


Elbows are bent-shaped pipes that change the direction of water flow. They are at the top of a downspout or bottom with the purpose of directing water away from the home. 


The vertical pipes that direct rainwater from the roof to the ground level. 

Downspout Brackets:

Serves to connect the downspout to the wall.

Downspout Extensions:

Serves to keep rainwater away from the foundation and basement. 

Underwater Drains:

Some gutter systems are connected directly to underwater drains.

Rain Gutter Maintenance Services

gutter cleaning & rain gutter maintenance service

Rain Gutter Cleaning

Routine eavestrough cleaning includes removal of dirt, leaves, plants and other debris from gutters and downspouts. In addition, we’ll perform a water test to make sure that rainwater is flowing in the right direction and no leaks occur. 

  • Removal of all dirt and debris
  • Cleaning of gutters & spouts
  • Rain gutter testing
downspout unclogging service

Downspout Unclogging

Keeping drains and downspouts clean and functioning is the most critical aspect of preventive maintenance. As part of our cleaning service, we’ll make sure downspouts are cleaned and draining water properly.

  • Unclogging drains & downspouts
  • Preventive gutter maintenance
  • Downspout drain testing
gutter screen install service

Gutter Screen Installation

Gutter screens can be an efficient way to help prevent debris from clogging a rain gutter. If tall trees surround your home, then it is highly recommended to install screens on your rain gutters. 

  • Gutter screen replacement
  • Installing plastic & steel screens
  • Gutter guard installation
gutter repair service

Gutter Repair

After cleaning and inspecting, our rain gutter maintenance specialists will identify if there are any repairs required. In some cases, gutter sections or spouts need to be aligned, repaired, re-sealed, or replaced. The most common gutter and spout damages we fix are misalignments, bending, corrosion, or leaky joints.

  • Visual inspections
  • Gutter alignment
  • Gutter replacement
gutter caulking service

Gutter Caulking

Every joint and seam need to be sealed for your gutter system to function properly. This means all end caps, corner joints, downspouts, and gutter connectors need to be recaulked when you have a leaky gutter.

  • Eavestrough caulking
  • Caulking gutters and downspouts
  • Sealing gutters
gutter painting service

Gutter Painting

Gutter painting not only can improve the aesthetic of your home’s exterior but it protects your gutter system against corrosion. With over 10 years experience maintaining rain gutters, RayAccess will curate and apply the best painting system for long lasting results.

  • Eavestrough painting
  • Repainting gutters & downspouts
  • Anti-corrosion for gutters

The RayAccess Difference

Satisfaction Guaranteed

With a 12-36 month labor warranty, your satisfaction is guaranteed when you hire RayAccess for rain gutter maintenance.

5-Star Rated

We were rated a best of Los Angeles gutter maintenance company. We ask all our customers for their feedback so we can offer the best possible service. See what our customers have to say about RayAccess.  

Rope Access Certified

RayAccess employs technicians that are trained in using rope access to safely work on high gutters.  Our crew has certifications with industrial rope access governing bodies including IRATA and SPRAT.

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