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RayAccess performs rain gutter screen installation to LA westsiders and businesses. If you live or work in an area with tall trees maintaining a fully flowing rain gutter system is a must. RayAccess is a properly equipped gutter maintenance company for the cleaning of rain gutters, gutter alignment, downspouts unclogging, gutter screen installation, and section repair. 

Gutter screens will reduce the need for frequent gutter cleaning. To have your gutter protection system fully functional, a key component is to install gutter screens, gutter covers, leaf guards or gutter filters. Don’t wait for debris build-up or the next rainstorm. 

Unclog your rain gutters, so water flows away from, and no damage is done to your property! A functional draining system must be inspected and maintained. Hire a professional team, contact RayAccess for gutter screen installation. If you have a home or business on the westside of Los Angeles, RayAccess is here for you.

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  • Venice
  • Santa Monica
  • Pacific Palisades
  • Culver City
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  • El Segundo
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Can you install gutter guards yourself?

Installing gutter screens can be very challenging if you have not done this before. The major concerns are for overall safety, and to properly fit/secure screens to the roof. If the gutter system is positioned above one story you should definitely hire a professional that is skilled at working at height and fall protection. In addition, screens have to be adjusted to cover the rain gutter open design and secure to the roof. Quite often, the rain gutter screens/guards need to be trimmed to fit seamlessly under the roof shingles. What may seem like an easy feat, gutter screen installation is a difficult task. It is essential to have the right access equipment and skills to perform the job.

Fall Protection & Working at Height

If your rain gutters lay above two stories, then gutter maintenance can be dangerous. The right safety equipment is necessary to work at height. Depending on the job, an appropriate ladder and two-line rope system with anchors is needed. Find a professional with experience in rope access and working at height.

How to Install Gutter Screens? 

3-step process: measurement, cleaning, installation

  1. Measurement: gutter guards come in 3 standard widths – 4inch, 5inch, 6inch. To find the closest one you will need to measure the width of the gutter from the outside edge to outside edge.
  2. Gutter Cleaning: remove any debris, leafs, branches, or insects from the interior of the gutters. Since the purpose of the gutter screen is to protect from clogging, you will want to start with clean and empty rain gutters.
  3. Install Gutter Screens: the screens should fit over the gutters open design surface and securely connect to the roof. It is common that the screens will fit under the roofs bottom row of shingles.  

Types of gutter screens:  

  • Plastic screens
  • Steel screens

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Rain gutter cleaning: is a service to remove dirt, leaves, plants, and other debris from the downspouts and gutters. This routine service includes a visual inspection and test with water to make sure the gutter system is flowing properly with no leaks.

Gutter Screen Damage & Repair: Gutter screens are very inexpensive but don’t last forever. For damaged or corroded screen sections RayAccess does repair while performing scheduled gutter cleaning maintenance. Gutter maintenance should be completed once per year if your system is equipped with gutter screens.

Roof cleaning: is perhaps the fastest way to improve your home’s general appearance to potential buyers. Roof cleaning has been used by real estate agents and home-owners to increase property value. Sometimes it is essential to clean the gutters after a roof cleaning service is finished.

Gutter Screen Installation Highlights:

  • Save on your budget and reduce the need of multiple times a year gutter cleaning. Frequency depends on debris buildup due to environmental conditions and your home’s proximity to tall trees. Generally speaking, once per year is recommended but reach out to our team for a free inspection and gutter cleaning estimate.
  • Pricing for gutter screen installation ranges from $5 to $10 per linear foot.
  • RayAccess is a licensed and fully insured exterior building contractor. Our values include safety, quality, and integrity. RayAccess certified gutter cleaning technicians are trained in ladder safety, fall protection, and rope access. 
  • Read our reviews or hire us today, our customer service is far above the industry. You will get quick estimating and scheduling of gutter maintenance services. We won’t invoice you until our job is 100% complete. Our jobs include a warranty for both labor and materials. 

RayAccess Inc. is a fully insured and professional Gutter Cleaning System Service

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What People Are Saying

  • On behalf of 1033 Ocean Ave HOA, I would like to thank RayAccess for a great job in cleaning and restoring the exterior of our building. Utilizing your rope access system saved our Association much in costs and we are glad to have avoided the need to erect scaffolding to perform the work. Sergey and his crew were very professional and communicated well during the project.

    Susan L. 1033 Ocean Ave HOA Board
  • "Great job in washing our building! Very professional team."

    Luis P. DoubleTree by Hilton Los Angeles / Director of Engineering
  • "Thanks so much for the great work! The windows look perfect"

    Alex R. Fisch Properties / Property Manager
  • "Great job at a great price! Had them come in to clean our building and were able to reach the high windows with no problem! Called for a free estimate, they came that same day and then came to clean to the next day! Friendly staff as well!"

    Sugar B. Playa Vista Community
  • Thank you so much for cleaning windows at our building. The tenants are so happy! They can finally see what's outside their windows!

    Ismael S SouthPark Group/ Property Manager
  • I'm really happy with work RayAccess did for us on painting the exterior of Loews atrium. At first, I though it would be a nightmare project because of old paint condition and difficult access to some areas. But it turned out to be a very professional and smooth job! Thank you.

    Rex U. Loews Hotel/ Director of Engineering
  • RayAccess painted our outdoor movie screen on a high-rise building in Downtown LA. With their Rope Access method, they saved us thousands of dollars in bringing a huge lift and blocking almost entire street. The job was done perfectly! Thank you so much!

    Emily W. Rooftop Cinema/ Head of Design & Production

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