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RayAccess, Inc. provides rain gutter cleaning and maintenance services for houses and building in West Los Angeles area. In fact, routine gutter maintenance is critically important for proper directing rain or condensate water into a drain or downspout.

The main role of a gutter system and downspouts is to channel water away from your roof and your home’s foundation. When working properly, gutters are very effective at doing their job. However, if a gutter gets clogged up by dust, leaves and dirt, it can completely stop the drainage.

How often should I clean my rain gutters?

Typically, rain gutters should be cleaned and inspected at least once a year, or every six months if your property is surrounded by tall trees or exposed to wind driven debris.  When rain gutters are not properly maintained, dust, branches, dry leaves, dead birds and other debris prevent rain water flow in right direction

And while cleaning your gutter could seem like an insignificant task, it can lead to costly damages if they are left clogged without proper treatment. We know that, statistically, most of the homeowners tend to neglect the clogged gutters on their home, so we want to encourage you to resist the urge to put off that chore.

Why clogged rain gutter such a big problem?

Problem #1: Overflowing water damage. In the event of rain, rain water starts overflowing to walls, fascia board, roof, patios, basement, and other unexpected and unprepared areas.  As the result, there might be water intrusion and leak inside your house or building. In addition, overflowing water can cause damage to walls, windows, and fascia board causing unsightly staining, mold growth, rotting and cracking of exterior facade elements.

Problem #2: Gutter damage and potential collapse. During heavy rains, the water directed to rain gutters has no place to go if they are not functioning properly. That water together with accumulated dirt, leaves, and debris adds extra weight and can bend your gutters or totally detach them from the roof.

Problem #3: Breeding Hot Spot for Unwanted Parasites.

Clogged gutters provide food, moisture and protected area for insects to live and spread. The most common insect offenders living in gutters:

  • Mosquitoes
  • Earwigs
  • Carpenter Ants
  • Earthworms

Additionally, gutters filled with debris become a tempting environment for mice, birds and squirrels. Mud and leaves can also be an inviting place for bees and wasps to build their nests. Moreover, not only it will affect your home externally, but internally especially. Because damaged gutters will cause cracks and holes in your walls, creating a perfect access into your home for these pests.

Why call RayAccess?

Unlike other contractors, we place great  emphasis in safety, quality and efficiency in all of our operations. Our technicians are highly trained in fall-protection, roof work and ladder safety that helps us safely access and maintain difficult areas at your home or building.

Second, we value you and respect your time so you can expect quick response on your inquiries, easy estimate processing, convenient scheduling and fast professional work!

Moreover, RayAccess, Inc. is fully insured and well-prepared for any project. We strive to provide great customer service making your experience with us easy and simple. Usually, you can get your estimate over a phone in 5 min, schedule service in convenient day and time, and pay with credit cards, checks, or cash when the job is complete.

BTW you can request estimate for exterior power washing and window cleaning to qualify for a volume discount and get your house exterior in top notch shape!

We guarantee high quality service and your satisfaction

  • We won’t leave until you absolutely happy with the results
  • If there are any concerns found later we will come back to fix them quickly
  • You’ll pay only when the job is 100% complete


Rain Gutter Cleaning

Standard rain gutter cleaning service includes dirt, leaves, plants and other debris removal from gutter and downspouts. In addition, we’ll test it with water to make sure that the water is flowing in the right direction, and there are no leaks. Our trained technicians will visually inspect the gutter for potential problems and let you know if there are any.

Downspouts cleaning & unclogging.

Keeping drains and downspouts clean and functioning is the most critical aspect of preventive gutter maintenance. Clogged downspout would fail entire gutter system causing all the problems described above. As part of our cleaning service, we’ll make sure that downspouts are cleaned and draining water properly.

Gutter Screens Installation.

In fact, gutter screen can be an efficient way to prevent debris from clogging a gutter. It’s highly recommended to install screens on your rain gutter if there are tall trees next to your house. Annual cleaning will still be required to clean the screens and remove smaller debris or dust that might fall through.

Gutter Alignment & Repair.

It’s required that a rain gutter is leveled towards drain or spout. Misalignment would direct water to the wrong end or middle of the gutter creating overflowing water problem. Typically, after cleaning and visual inspection, our specialists will identify if there are additional repairs required. In some cases, gutter sections or spouts need to be aligned, repaired, re-sealed or replaced. Most common gutter and spout damages are misalignment, bents, corrosion, leaking joints, and they are absolutely repairable. We can help here!

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