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Since 2011, RayAccess has provided window cleaning services to the South Bay. Our mission has always been to keep buildings and homes happy, by way of sparkling clean and streak-free windows. RayAccess is fully insured and employs a professional crew. There is no risk to you when RayAccess is hired for Manhattan Beach window cleaning!

No matter the size of your property, RayAccess is equipped for both small houses and high-rise buildings. Our team proudly services all kinds of properties including residential homes, multi-family apartment complexes, hotels, hoas, condos, office buildings, storefronts, and more. 

Manhattan Beach Service Area:

The city of Manhattan Beach lies west of Aviation Blvd, between Artesia and Rosecrans Ave. Manhattan Beach is comprised of a diverse array of dwellings including single-family homes, duplexes, multi-family complexes, and hotels. RayAccess serves the entire community for window cleaning. Whether you work in a multi-story office buildings along the Rosecranz corridor or live in an oceanfront home with panoramic views near the strand, our team can safely access hard-to-reach windows and skylights. 

The Importance of Window Cleaning:

Extend Lifespan:

Dust particles quickly accumulate all over glass surfaces. Especially for properties exposed to strong winds in close proximity to ocean breezes. If exterior glazing remains dirty it can develop severe staining. The only way to remove these stubborn stains is to replace or polish glass which is more costly than routine window cleaning.

Curb Appeal:

Before putting your home on the market it is important to have clean windows to boost curb appeal. This is especially true for a Manhattan Beach property with panoramic ocean views.


We believe the cleanliness of your environment reflects directly on your overall happiness. Why not have the best view possible from your home through perfectly clean windows?

The Professional Way to Clean Windows:


Beware of amateur window washers using spray bottles, paper towels, and any old ladder. A true professional window cleaner has a large toolkit that is kept meticulously clean. Every RayAccess window cleaning professional maintains a toolkit that includes a bucket, hose, squeegees/scrubbers to fit different size windows, ladder, cleaning solution, shoe covers, absorbent clothes, screen brushes, deionized water filters, water-fed poles, and razor blades.


With the appropriate tools and techniques in place, window cleaning can be completed with great speed and quality. A professional window cleaner always works top to bottom, paying close attention to sunlight direction. The mission is to have streak-free windows without any water drips, lint, or residue. 

Beware of Amateur Window Washers:

Window cleaning can be dangerous when cleaning above ground level. The property owner is liable if a hired worker falls on the job. Amateur contractors hardly ever carry insurance or perform background checks. 

In addition, amateur window washers learn on the job. They don’t know how to clean windows that are streak free. They could also easily damage glazing or scratch glass.


Environmental conditions determine the frequency interval for exterior window cleaning. Given that Manhattan Beach properties are exposed to the salty ocean air, window cleaning is required more often. We have customers that request window cleaning monthly to every 6 months.


Window cleaning quotes are based on the amount of time required to complete the job. Windows come in all shapes and sizes such as sliding windows, french doors, bay windows, skylights, glass railing, etc.

To request a quote for your specific property, simply call RayAccess during business hours or fill out our contact form if we are not available.

Common Windows in Manhattan Beach:

Standard Sliding Windows:

The most common window in Manhattan Beach is a window that slides open vertically or horizontally. When the window is opened the sliding side overlaps the stationary side from the inside.

French Doors:

French doors require more time to clean as they are made up of several glass panels separated by frames. Each glass panel needs to be cleaned individually. 

Bay Windows:

Three glass planes that protrude from an exterior wall form a bay window. Usually, there is a bench or daybed in the interior to admire three different views.


Skylights are the most difficult windows to clean. Obviously, reaching a skylight is challenging but skylights collect dust much quicker than typical windows on a wall. Due to the fact, that the skylights are horizontal or sloped, they tend to collect dust much quicker.

Glass Railings:

Glass railings are very common in Manhattan beach. Commonly found on properties near the ocean with large patios, decks, or balconies. 

Alternative Services:

The RayAccess Difference:


RayAccess is a fully insured exterior building maintenance contractor. Our team is also trained in using the full spectrum of high access methods including ladders, boom lifts, swing stages, and industrial rope access.


RayAccess stands behind the work. If there are any concerns found after our window cleaning service, we will come back to resolve the problem.


RayAccess trains our crew in window cleaning, pressure washing, leak inspections, and caulking. We are a one-stop shop for exterior building maintenance.

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