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RayAccess proudly supports warehousing, manufacturing, and utility sectors by performing industrial tank painting. A wide array of industries use container tanks to store and ship huge amounts of product. In fact, many industrial storage tanks have capacities up to 500,000 gallons. This requires the facility to hire an industrial paint contractor with high access capabilities to paint the storage tank.

RayAccess is perfectly suited to access and paint the world’s largest storage bins, vessels, and silos. We employ the full spectrum of access methods including certified industrial rope access technicians that are trained to safely access these large container tanks using ropes. See below for a general overview of storage tank painting, including answers to frequently asked questions. If you are looking for an industrial tank painting contractor, contact RayAccess for a free quote. 

RayAccess Inc. is a fully insured and licensed (California LIC #1052570) industrial painting contractor.

Service Area for Industrial Tank Painting:

Based in Marina Del Rey, RayAccess is a Los Angeles preferred high-access industrial coating contractor. Los Angeles is home to many oil refineries, water treatment facilities, food & beverage warehouses, power, coal, and natural gas plants.  All the facilities above utilize large storage tanks that must be protected against corrosion. Any paint chipping, peeling, blistering, or delamination must be repainted as part of routine maintenance. RayAccess certified industrial rope access team travels the greater Los Angeles area for tank painting. To request a free estimate, simply call our office. Our customer support team will schedule a job walk with an estimator or provide you with a quote given that photos of the job site are available. 

Oil Tanks: 

Los Angeles is the second largest oil-producing county in California. We have oilfields in Wilmington, Inglewood, Long Beach, Santa Fe Springs, Placerita, and Beverly Hills. Sentinel Peak Resources, Marathon Petroleum Corp, and Phillips 66 own the oil refineries. Los Angeles’s oil & gas industry is a major contributor to state and local tax revenue that support schools, public safety, and infrastructure programs. RayAccess is proud to support the oil and gas industry by painting oil storage tanks. We paint tanks made of carbon steel, stainless steel, reinforced concrete, and plastic. Oil tanks need to safely contain oil without any leaks as the oil moves from production to distribution. 

Water Tanks:

Holding water is the most common application for all storage tanks. Not hard to believe, given that water is the most important resource on earth. Water tanks come in all shapes, sizes, and roof types. Roof types include 10-30 degrees, inverted, flat, oversized, and open tops. RayAccess can rig the various roof types and paint the entire water tank via our industrial rope access crew. We paint water tanks made of timber, concrete, steel, fiberglass, and plastic.

Hazardous Waste Disposal:

California state law has penalties and fines for improper hazardous waste disposal. Paint is a hazardous waste and can’t be spilled out. It’s essential to only hire a licensed paint contractor that performs each job in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.

Access Methods: 

The biggest fear with painting a large storage tank is falling. Industrial tank projects require painting crews to work at very high elevations. It’s essential to hire a team of painters that have expertise with a wide array of access methods. RayAccess employs a team of certified industrial rope access technicians by regulating bodies SPRAT & IRATA. 

Industrial rope access is a non-motorized work positioning system using top anchors to provide safe climbing, descending, and horizontal positioning. The positioning equipment is routinely inspected, and a comprehensive job safety analysis is implemented before each job. Benefits of rope access include greater safety, speed, versatility, and cost efficiency.  

In addition to rope access, RayAccess has expertise across the full spectrum of access methods including boom lifts, swing stages, suspended scaffolding, and extension ladders. We often use a combination of access methods to achieve three objectives. The three objectives for each tank painting project and main focus at RayAccess is safety, quality, and efficiency.


  • RFP: to best assess the client’s needs a complimentary job walk is usually performed. A proposal is submitted and pricing is based on materials, total square footage, access difficulty, and surface preparation requirements.
  • Surface Preparation: the storage tank needs to be thoroughly cleaned in order for the paint to be long-lasting. Metal storage tanks are prone to rust. The level of damage to the substrate will dictate how much pressure washing or sandblasting is needed to prepare the surface for paint adhesion.  
  • Paint Application: most paint applications require 2 to 3 coats. RayAccess uses high-performance paints including PPG paints, and TNEMEC.      
  • Finishing Application: if any signage or logo is part of the scope a finishing coat will be applied. RayAccess has experience using templates to fulfill brand guidelines.

Alternative Services:

Wind Turbine Painting:

Studies show painting one blade can reduce collision fatalities with birds by 70%. The RayAccess crew is equipped for wind turbine painting projects in the state of California.

Cell Tower Painting:

FAA regulations require high cell towers to be painted red and white. RayAccess paints towers so they are compliant and helps tower owners avoid large fines. 

Pressure Washing Service: 

RayAccess uses multiple access methods for pressure washing large storage tanks including suspended scaffolding, hydraulic-powered lifts, and industrial rope access. 

Visual Inspections:

RayAccess industrial rope access technician and FAA certified drone pilots help control expenses and prevent unplanned disruptions to industrial facilities.

Industrial Drone Inspections:

RayAccess is also equipped with drones and FAA-certified pilots. Get a first look at your industrial tank with an easy-to-deploy drone inspection.

The RayAccess Difference:


RayAccess employs SPRAT & IRATA certified industrial rope access technicians. We are also fully insured and licensed for painting in the state of California.


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Locally Based:

Unlike most industrial rope access contractors from the east coast, RayAccess is conveniently located in Los Angeles.



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