How to Repair Skylight Leaks

Fixing a skylight leak usually requires working on the roof. DIYers beware, roof work is very dangerous. If you don’t have the safety equipment and experience to work on high platforms, hire a professional. Having that said we have provided a tutorial on how to repair skylight leaks. 

1) From The Interior Pinpoint Any Water Damage

The first step is to pinpoint the exact location or locations of the water damage. This step should be completed from inside the house or building. You may need a stepladder to perform the visual inspection. Look for water stains, cracks, or bubbling. Once you identify the location or locations of the water damage, you will inspect the exterior of that precise location. 

2) Find Exterior Damage:

Once you safely access the exterior of where you identified water damage, you should look for issues in several areas.  Cracks in skylight glazing as plexiglass skylights are prone to cracking. The base or skylight flashing that sits underneath the glazing can also crack or root. The joints between the glass and frame or frame to the roof. Look out for any open gaps as the third step is to seal them.

3) Reseal The Open Gaps:

The cracks and open gaps need to be resealed with a caulking gun. A silicon sealant should be used in open joints to provide elasticity for surface deformation. For best adhesion, the old silicon sealant should be removed before the new sealant is applied. If the base is faulty, wood filler and a membrane should be painted over the base.

4) Water Testing: 

After the problem areas have been sealed, wait 2 days to perform a water test. You want to mimic the water pressure intensity of a rainstorm to see if the problem is fixed. If leaks still remain, you have ruled out a skylight leak issue. You will need to contact a roofer. 

Hire A Professional for Skylight Leak Repair:

Falls can result in serious injury or death. Please call RayAccess if you are not equipped for working at height. RayAccess employs industrial rope access technicians which means our team is trained and certified in accordance with IRATA and SPRAT standards. Our positioning equipment is routinely inspected by a competent person, and a job safety analysis is required for each rope access job.

Contact RayAccess, for all estimates regarding skylight leak repair.

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