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With the sea of commercial painters eager for business, finding the right one to complete your specific project can be difficult. Should you hire solely on price or are there other factors to consider? We explore the benefits of hotel painting, the major concerns, and guidance to support your search. Hotel painting is a complex task but searching for a hotel painting contractor doesn’t have to be.

Benefits of Hotel Painting:

Before we discuss the search, let’s recap why a hotel should be painted in the first place. Painting the exterior of a hotel helps improve aesthetics and durability. Whether your hotel is planning for an exciting rebrand or dealing with water intrusion from the elements outside, painting can help. Paint has a protective quality that fights against rust and corrosion. Severe rust and corrosion is a culprit for rain water leaks. As a Hotel Manager, that last thing you want is a guest complaining about rain entering their room.

General Managers Neglect Hotel Painting:

General Managers prioritize guest satisfaction above all other initiatives. Guest satisfaction directly impacts repeat visitors; the key to a successful hotel. Anything that detracts from customer experience is problematic. Hiring an unknown company to paint the exterior seems like a potential nightmare. The thought of having third party contractors, scaffolding, and bulky equipment is concerning. Many GMs and Chief Engineers drag their feet when it comes to exterior painting and giving a hotel its needed facelift.

Issues With Scaffolding:

Scaffolding is a temporary structure that covers a building with wooden planks and metal poles. Since Ancient Rome, painters have used scaffolding to paint buildings and cathedrals. Although the oldest way to paint a building, scaffolding is slow and expensive.

Scaffolding requires long turnaround times for shipping, erecting, and taking apart materials. Another issue with scaffolding is that it attracts vandals. Since scaffolding provides easy access to hotel rooms, open windows provide an invitation to dedicated climbers with an urge for theft. Security is needed to monitor the property at night.

Rope Access Painting:

The quicker and cheaper way to paint at height is to employ industrial rope access. Industrial rope access is a method used across the world in oil exploration industry. Top anchors and two line rope systems are used with strict protocols. Industrial rope access certified technicians rig and rappel from top anchors instead of climbing up a scaffold. Deployment is quicker and more versatile. There is a much greater range to move vertically, horizontally, and side-to-side. This results in minimal impact to hotel operations as the work is performed without bulky equipment or loud machinery. Painting a hotel can be completed in weeks instead of months.

Hire A Certified & Licensed Painting Company:

If you have a hotel that is 4 stories and above, consider hiring a hotel painting contractor with industrial rope access capabilities. Ask if they employ certified industrial rope access technicians. SPRAT and IRATA are the two regulating bodies that train and certify workers. You should also confirm that the company is fully insured and licensed for commercial painting.

RayAccess meets all these requirements. We also are competent with the full spectrum of access methods including powered platforms, swing stages, aerial lifts, and BMUs. This experience gives us the ability to leverage several methods for better proposals. Since 2011, RayAccess has performed hotel painting with a focus on safety, quality, and efficiency.

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Why Hire RayAccess?

RayAccess is a one stop shop servicing hotels 4 stories and up. We clean, waterproof, and paint. RayAccess High Painting is a fully insured and CA licensed (LIC #1052570) hotel painting contractor.

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