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Proudly Serving Los Angeles And The Surrounding Areas

RayAccess performs high rise caulking services throughout the skyline of Los Angeles. From DTLA to Century City, our team is helping property managers protect their high rise buildings from rain leaks and wind drafts. 

With capabilities to use the full spectrum of high access equipment, RayAccess technicians can safely reach every nook and crevice of a building. Our team has caulked a wide array of expansion joints by closing open gaps with long lasting sealants. We are a professional exterior building maintenance company, fully equipped and ready for any high rise caulking request.

High Rise Caulking Service Area:

Given our caulking experience with a wide range of substrates, RayAccess is well-prepared for caulking expansion joints, wet glazing curtain walls, and inspecting rain leaks. We proudly service LA’s entire skyline including hotels, office buildings, apartment buildings, skyscrapers, and historic monuments.

What Is Building Deformation?

Building deformation is when exterior surfaces expand and contract due to changes in environmental conditions. For example, under direct sunlight building materials expand, while at night in much colder temperatures building materials contract. Expansion joints are an integral part of building architecture that allows for such shifts. 

Top Threats From Open Expansion Joints:

If expansion joints are not properly sealed a number of threats can penetrate a building’s envelope such as:   

  1. Water intrusion
  2. Mold growth
  3. Unsightly stains
  4. Unwanted critters
  5. Poor temperature control


If a sealant does its job properly, water and air drafts will not seep into expansion joints. Given that there is such a large selection of sealants choosing the right one can be overwhelming. The four factors that should be considered while selecting the appropriate sealant are compatibility, expiration, application, and of course price.

To ensure adhesion, the sealant needs to be compliant with the building substrate it sticks to. If an old sealant started to fail, it should be removed and a new sealant should be applied. The high rise caulking application should be performed in compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Access Expertise:

RayAccess uses the complete spectrum of access methods including industrial rope access, swing stages, aerial lifts, suspended scaffolding, and extension ladders. Our vast array of access capabilities sets us apart from other high rise caulking contractors. In fact, RayAccess proposals are 20-40% lower in cost due to the fact that we can blend access methods and maximize efficiency.  

Alternative Services:

High Rise Window Cleaning:

Rayaccess performs window cleaning so tenants can fully enjoy the breathtaking views from the privacy of their apartment.  The goal of our high rise window cleaning team is crystal clear windows.

High Rise Building Painting:

Our licensed high rise painting crew protects surfaces from corrosion while improving the look of the exterior. The first sign your building needs to be repainted is peeling or faded paint.

High Rise Caulking Highlights:

IRATA Certified:

We employ industrial rope access technicians that are certified by regulating bodies such as IRATA and SPRAT.

Labor Warranty:

We furnish a 12-24 month labor warranty for our high rise caulking service. 

Fully Insured:

We are fully insured exterior maintenance company. Our typical coverage is $1,000,000 Workers’ Compensation, $2,000,000 in General Liability, and $5,000,000 in Excess Liability.


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