According to the EPA, the concentrations of pollutants indoors are often 2 to 5 times higher than outdoors [1]. Interior cleaning, and especially interior cleaning of high areas should be part of a building’s annual maintenance plan. High interior cleaning is a must but few companies are capable of reaching such heights. 

Skylights, atrium walls, light fixtures, and high ledges are often neglected by your typical janitorial company. These out-of-reach areas accumulate an enormous amount of dust. These areas require a contractor skilled in high access work using ladders, compact crawler lifts, rolling towers, and industrial rope access. 

Properties That Require High Interior Cleaning:

Hotels & Banks: luxurious venues have lobbies with large atriums, glass elevators, and high ceilings. These features are consistent across a hotel portfolio and need to be upheld to the highest standards of cleanliness to protect the brand.

Hospitals, Schools, Gyms: high-traffic common spaces need routine high interior cleaning to protect the health and wellness of all occupants.

Warehouses & Data Centers: Cleanliness is critical to prevent dust and contaminants from affecting sensitive equipment and production.

Office & Entertainment Venues: high traffic areas in office buildings and entertainment venues benefit from high interior cleaning to create a pleasant and comfortable experience for tenants and patrons.

Government Buildings & Transportation Hubs: Government offices and transportation hubs must maintain a high level of cleanliness to create a professional environment for employees and visitors.

Benefits Beyond Aesthetics: Health and Well-Being:

Indoor dust can contain allergens and irritants that may contribute to respiratory issues. Dust mites thrive in dust and are a common indoor allergen. Inhaling or coming into contact with dust mite particles can trigger allergies, leading to symptoms such as sneezing, itching, and congestion.

Fine particulate matter, when present in high concentrations, has been linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular issues [2]. This is why municipalities monitor the Air Quality Index and shutdown facilities when above a certain threshold. Fine particulate matter outdoors can penetrate indoors. Therefore, high outdoor particle pollution levels can elevate indoor particle pollution concentrations. 

High Access Methods:

Ladders: two types of ladders for high indoor cleaning are platform ladders and extension ladders. Platform ladders are self supported, and range from 2 feet to 18 feet. Whereas, extension ladders must lean against a wall, but can reach up to 72 feet.

Compact crawlers & scissor lifts: these aerial work platforms are ideal for indoor maintenance at height. Scissor lifts reach up to 50 feet, and extend vertically.  Compact crawlers can have an articulating arm that can reach 150 feet vertically, and also extend horizontally. Both scissor lifts and compact crawlers can fit thru a single door.

Rolling towers: a form of scaffolding that reaches up to 25 feet above ground. Rolling towers have  castor-style wheels that manually lock allowing for a stable working platform that can be easily moved around the facility as needed. Rolling towers are lightweight and can be erected inside a job site.

Industrial Rope Access: by far the most agile and versatile access method if there are anchor points for rappelling. Certified technicians use ropes and harnesses to safely access hard-to-reach areas while performing cleaning and dusting tasks.

High Interior Cleaning Cost:

Proposals for high dusting or high interior cleaning are based on time and access method(s). Before a proposal is submitted, a RayAccess estimator will walk through the jobsite to assess project difficulty and access method. Some projects require multiple access methods. We usually can provide a proposal with an itemized list of services two business days after the job walk. Once the proposal is approved we can schedule your project. 

Alternative Services:

Why Hire RayAccess For High Interior Cleaning:

Fully Insured: RayAccess has been in business since 2011. We are a professional company that operates with comprehensive insurance coverage. We also employ individuals that have passed background checks. RayAccess technicians are trained to use the full spectrum of access methods for high interior cleaning.

Free Estimates: We offer free estimates for commercial projects in the Southern California area. Kindly call our office during business hours and our customer service team will schedule a job walk with an estimator. 

Great Results: RayAccess is 5 star rated on many review sites. We have a strong commitment to delivering quality work on every project we undertake. To ensure high standards, we conduct client surveys and offer incentives to our staff, fostering a culture of excellence.


  1. Indoor Air Quality. EPA. https://www.epa.gov/report-environment/indoor-air-quality
  2. Air Pollution and Cardiovascular Disease Basics. EPA. https://www.epa.gov/air-research/air-pollution-and-cardiovascular-disease-basics


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