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RayAccess performs gutter caulking services for the residential and commercial market. Our team employs certified rope access technicians therefore we are able to safely work on your property’s gutter system no matter the height.

A rain gutters’ job is to limit moisture and prevent water damage to the roof, siding, and foundation of your building. Unfortunately, gutters fail due to rusting, punctures from overhead branches, and/or loosening joints. The good news is you can keep your gutter system functioning properly by sealing leaking gutters with UV-resistant waterproof sealant.

Contact RayAccess for caulking gutters and downspouts. We can help you choose the right adhesives and get your gutters repaired before the next rainstorm. Our team is fully insured and equipped for any type of eavestrough caulking request.

Professional Way To Caulk Rain Gutters:

Before the next rainstorm, every connection on your gutter system needs to be sealed airtight. This includes end caps, corner joints, downspouts, and gutter connectors.

The first step is to completely remove the old caulk. This is an often neglected but necessary step as the expired gutter sealant can prevent adhesion. The most effective way to remove old caulk is to apply a special product to soften it. This is followed by a technique to slice, pull, and chip away remnant caulk.

Now that all old caulk has been removed, the seems/joints can be cleaned with a solution. Cleaning with a solution prevents fungi growth inside your gutter system.

After the gutter sections are clean and dry, new caulk can be applied. For best adhesion, the application area should be rough. The seem may need to be roughened with sandpaper. Using a caulking gun, a small dot is applied in a straight line across the seam.  To ensure a stronger seal, the caulk should be pushed into the joint with a screwdriver. In addition, a second line of caulk is applied but this line shouldn’t be pushed into the joint.  After both lines of caulk are applied, we smooth it out with a putty knife so the width is even throughout the line. [1]

Best Caulk For Rain Gutters: 

With changes in temperature, the joints of your gutter system will expand and contract. Therefore a flexible sealant is needed to allow both surface deformation and protection against leaks. The best caulks for eavestrough caulking are 100% silicon or composite sealants. In some cases, a commercial-grade waterproof patch and seal tape can also be used.

When choosing the best caulk for your specific project, we look at a number of features that include water resistance, viscosity, paintability, drying time, ease of application, and cost. RayAccess technicians know which sealants are compatible with their bonding substrate.

Lastly, our team does not skip out on any steps regarding surface preparation and application. The #1 reason sealants fail or don’t last as long as they should is due to improper sealant application or preparation by a contractor.

Is It Normal For Gutters To Drip?

Although a leaky rain gutter is initially ignored, gutters should not leak. A small leak in your gutters or downspouts could lead to major water damage if not repaired.

Several Reasons Why Gutters Leak:

  1. Debris clogs that cause water to pour over the sides instead of directed down the downspout.
  2. Separated joints, cracks, or holes can form due to weather conditions/environmental factors or poor installation.
  3. Loose fasteners can lead to sagging gutters that leak. A gutter should slope doorward so natural forces of gravity can direct the water to the downspout.

Safety Information:

If you are not comfortable on ladders, consider hiring a professional. It is noted that half a million people are treated for ladder falls each year. [2]

RayAccess technicians are trained to use the complete spectrum of access equipment such as ladders, man lifts, suspending scaffolding, swing stages, and industrial rope access.

Why Leaky Gutters Can Be A Huge Problem:

A small leak can quickly turn into a bigger leak or even collapse. Without a functioning gutter system, you are at risk of flooding during the next downpour. Water can pool on your roof or flood into your basement, leading to rotting wood, mold growth, and major water damages.

Gutter Caulking Cost:

The 3 factors that make up a bid for rain gutter caulking include the cost of sealant, labor, and time (which depends on access difficulty & surface preparation, including the time it takes to clean the gutter). Whether a RayAccess operations manager visits the property or we provide an online quote, contact RayAccess to get a free estimate for your property. Our general rate card is $6-$12 per linear foot of joint.

Eavestrough vs Gutter:

As an established business in a big city (Los Angeles), our customer service staff receives a ton of calls from folks confused about the terminology. What to call what regarding the components of their home or building. From our experience, the two terms are interchangeable and can be used to mean the same thing.

Alternative Services:

Gutter Cleaning:

Before gutter sealing, a thorough gutter cleaning needs to be completed. All debris and dirt should be removed from the gutter. Then, the gutter system should be tested with water to ensure proper drainage and checked for potential gutter leaks.

Rain Leak Inspections:

In addition to gutter inspection and repair, RayAccess covers the entire building envelope for rain leak inspections. We are your one-stop shop for window caulking, wall joint caulking, and many more services that help keep a building happy.

Gutter Screen Installation:

If your property is surrounded by tall trees, installing gutter screens can help reduce the frequency needed for routine gutter cleaning.

Gutter Repair & Alignment:

For a rain gutter system to function properly, gutters need to be leveled leaning slightly in the direction of the downspout.  RayAccess can realign your gutter system by tightening brackets, and replacing or repairing bent sections.

RayAccess Difference: 

Rope Access Certified:

RayAccess employs technicians that are trained in using rope access methods and some have certifications with governing bodies such as IRATA and SPRAT.

Satisfaction Guaranteed:

Your satisfaction is guaranteed when you hire RayAccess for gutter caulking. RayAccess has a 12-24 month labor warranty for sealed areas.

5-Star Rated:

See what people are saying about our services. We are a top 3 gutter maintenance provider in Los Angeles. Check out our reviews & testimonials. 


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