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Exterior window cleaning is a necessary task for any property manager to ensure their tenants enjoy breathtaking views from their windows. Window washing companies use special tools and techniques to get windows clean. Ground crews and suspended crews can both do a good job. It depends on the situation which method is best for getting windows clean.

Exterior Window Cleaning Methods:

Clean windows and breathtaking views is the ultimate goal for any professional window washing company. The challenge most window washers face usually involves access. Although with the right training and method, window cleaning crews can efficiently clean every window no matter the height.

Exterior window washing crews are generally broken into those who specialize in ground work and those suspended in the air. Ground crews use water fed poles, aerial lifts, and ladders. Suspended crews use swing stages, fully automatic building maintenance units, and industrial rope access.

Each method has its advantages and limitations. You can learn more about that here. It is the job of a professional window washing company to assess which method most effectively meets a clients’ objectives regarding timing, budget, and quality.

Hand Scrubbers vs Water Fed Poles:

If windows are very dirty, using elbow grease and washing windows with a hand scrubber is more effective than using water fed poles. Water fed poles are effective at reaching windows up to five stories high that don’t have stubborn stains.

Frequency Of Service:

A common question we get from property managers is how often exterior window cleaning should be performed so their tenants can enjoy breathtaking views all year round. Environmental conditions make windows dirty. Concentration of salt in the air, pollen count, pollution, and bird droppings all impact the cleanliness of windows. Given each property is in a different location, it’s impossible to recommend specific intervals for window cleaning service. It depends on the property. 

Alternative Services:

Residential Window Cleaning:

RayAccess serves the residential market including private homes, condos, apartments, offices and storefronts.

Commercial Window Cleaning:

RayAccess serves the commercial market which includes high rise office buildings, hotels, stadiums, historic properties and large multi-family complexes.

Why Hire RayAccess For Exterior Window Cleaning?

We specialize in difficult access and tall buildings, offering a variety of access options for projects of any size. Our experienced team can provide a comprehensive plan for the most efficient and cost-effective window cleaning access solution. Our services include access with rope rappelling systems, swing stages, hydraulic lifts, extension poles, and more. 

We also offer a wide range of ancillary services, such as commercial painting, pressure washing, visual inspections, exterior caulking, and rain leak repair. No matter what type of exterior building maintenance you need, RayAccess has the experience and knowledge to make sure your job is done right. Contact us today to discuss your window cleaning project and let us show you why we are the trusted choice for window cleaning.

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