The RayAccess team provides exterior painting services for property managers and building engineers throughout the Culver City area. Our staff is insured and licensed to paint buildings and a wide array of high structures. We are a professional exterior building maintenance company. Fully equipped to improve the aesthetic and structural integrity of your building.  

Exterior painting can be a very time-consuming and disruptive task. Perhaps this is why so many property managers drag their feet when it comes to repainting. The thought of erecting scaffolding and disrupting tenants can be daunting.

Fortunately, RayAccess has unique solutions that are much less invasive than using cranes or scaffolding to paint buildings. RayAccess employs a team of certified industrial rope access technicians for exterior painting. This means we can safely access every inch of your building using ropes. Our crew paints buildings with great efficiency to both time and cost. RayAccess High Painting (LIC #1052570) is helping property management companies save up to 40 percent on exterior painting projects. 

Is Exterior Painting Necessary?

Los Angeles has the most polluted air compared to any U.S. city due to the abundance of cars, ships, planes, and wildfires burning fossil fuels. Heavy pollution combined with salt from the ocean contaminates our air. These environmental factors eat away at a building’s facade. Exterior painting provides a layer of protection from the elements; thus is absolutely necessary.  

Culver City, primarily known for its film studios has blossomed into a vibrant city some call the center hub of Los Angeles. Painting your building with new colors will help your business stand out to the thousands of people who frequent the city. Exterior painting is a sure way to turn heads and attract new customers.

Culver City is a big commercial real estate market. If you are looking to sell your building, exterior painting can help increase your property value. In fact, commercial real estate professionals are known to recommend exterior painting before they market a property.

Commercial Exterior Painters Vs House Painters:

Painting the exterior of a building facade is a much more complex task than painting a house. Building painting requires a large crew, special access certifications, and a commercial license for painting. There are much lower barriers to entry for house painting. The only requirement is a few buckets of paint, some brushes, and a ladder. 

Exterior Painting Process:


The marketplace for paint and protective coatings is vast but RayAccess can help you select the appropriate painting system for long-lasting durability. 

Surface Preparation:

”Each year millions are wasted on good coating systems that will fail prematurely due to inadequate surface preparation or improper application [1]”. Unlike most amateur exterior painting contractors, RayAccess does not skip any steps. Our technicians take the time to prepare the areas that need painting. We perform pressure washing, sanding, and caulking.

Priming and Painting:

RayAccess painting proposals include the recommended number of coats for each specific project. Our licensed painters closely follow paint specifications such as coat thickness, mixing ratios, and temperature range for paint application.

Clean-up and Window Cleaning:

After the building is successfully painted, our crew performs a final clean-up to make the building look new. This includes removing all masking that protected unpainted areas and window cleaning resulting in sparkling clean windows.     

Access Expertise:

RayAccess uses the full spectrum of access equipment for exterior painting. Exterior painting proposals outline the most efficient method to use. RayAccess technicians are trained in using extension ladders, aerial lifts, swing stages, and industrial rope access. 

Properties We Paint:

Given our ability to access multistory buildings and high structures, RayAccess is perfectly equipped to access Culver City’s entire skyline. RayAccess will paint the exterior facade or select areas on the following properties:

hotels, churches, hospitals, schools, warehouses, office buildings, homeowners associations, apartment buildings 

Alternative Services:

Mullion Painting:

Mullion painting is needed to improve the durability of exterior window frames or mullions. A sign that your building needs mullion painting is when the black exterior frames begin to discolor or rust.

Commercial Caulking:

Exterior window caulking is the process of resealing open crevices that form inside window and wall joints. Due to changes in temperature, exterior surfaces expand and contract. Window caulking is needed to seal the open gaps that allow water to come inside. The first sign that your building needs window caulking is when a small pool of water collects inside on your interior window frames.

Pressure Washing:

Before the painting process can begin, exterior walls need to be pressure washed to remove any debris. A clean surface is necessary for paint adhesion.  

Industrial Painting:

Industrial painting is performed on towers, warehouses, and manufacturing plants. The goal of an industrial painting job is to protect structures against fire, chemical spills, and corrosion.

Exterior Painting Highlights:

Rope Access Certified:

We proudly employ industrial rope access certified technicians. Rope Access is the only way to access certain areas. Compared to scaffolding, rope access saves between 20-40% on exterior painting projects.

5 Star Service:

Check out what people are saying on our website and third-party review sites. RayAccess follows up after every job to improve our service. 


RayAccess stands behind our work, and uses high-performance paint. We furnish a 12-36 month labor warranty. Paint manufacturer warranties range from 5-10 years.  


  1. Surface Preparation and application guide. Tnemec. 2015. https://www.tnemec.com/documents/341/APP_GUIDE_General_Surface_Prep_Guide.pdf


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