Residential services are services implemented at the residential property such as:

a. houses (including townhouses)
b. Apartments
c. Condo
d. other (decks, patios, garages and etc.)

Services at residential properties require additional attention to details and neatness. For example, if some things need to be moved to get access to a window they shall be put back in the same order. RayAccess Team utilizes the approach of “leaving no trace” in our service just perfectly accomplished task. We consider and eliminate not just potential hazards but also a possibility of leaving marks from ladders or footprints, dirty run-offs or water drips on floors, furniture, and walls.

RayAccess, Inc. also specializes in remote areas serviced. We provide the safest and most efficient access to a work area, even if it’s just one window.

Our Rope Access expertise helps us to organize reliable fall protection or access system in short time if it’s required. This is a great alternative to heavy and expensive machinery such as man-lift or scaffolding.

RayAccess, Inc. provides next Building Maintenance Services at houses, apartments, and condos:

  • Window cleaning (including routine service, construction & remodeling clean-up, hard-to-reach and remote areas)
  • Structural wash & facade cleaning (including pressure washing, construction & remodeling clean-up, hard-to-reach and remote areas, stains and efflorescence removal)
  • Glass stains removal (including hard water, corrosion and oxidation removal, chemical damage restoration as acid etching, glass sealer and etc.)
  • Glass scratch removal (from small rubs to deeper scratches, welding slag, other imperfections)
  • Gutter & roof cleaning (including debris, old leaves, plants removal, drains & spouts unclogging)

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