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RayAccess, Inc. is a professional window cleaning contractor serving commercial buildings across Los Angeles and beyond. Commercial window cleaning services include standard, routine, post-construction, and high-rise window cleaning. Whether you are a property manager managing hotels, hospitals, museums, apartment complexes, or historical buildings, RayAccess has you covered.

Unlike basic window cleaning contractors, RayAccess has expertise across the full spectrum of access methods including Rope Access, telescopic water fed poles, suspended scaffolding, swing stages, man lifts, and ladders. Cutting edge fall-protection systems enable RayAccess technicians to safely reach and clean windows at virtually any part of a building.

Getting an estimate for a commercial window cleaning service is simple and easy with RayAccess. Call us, or send us your inquiry today. A member of our customer service team will respond to your inquiry to schedule a complimentary job walk appointment. For smaller projects, we can usually provide an estimate over the phone.

Cleaning windows for:

  • High-rise Buildings
  • Mid & Low-rise Buildings
  • Residential Complexes
  • Office & Medical Buildings
  • Hotels & Hospitals
  • Stadiums & Arenas
  • Lifestyle Centers
  • Church & Historic Properties

RayAccess Inc. is a fully insured and licensed Window Cleaning Contractor

Service Area:

Since 2011, RayAccess has proudly served commercial and residential buildings across Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. From the San Fernando Valley to Long Beach and Santa Monica to the Inland Empire, RayAccess technicians have earned an outstanding reputation among clients by focusing on quality, safety, and efficiency.

Our crew can safely access and clean any glass surface on buildings of any size including windows, skylights, glass canopies, railings, structural glass, mirrors, light fixtures, glass decorations, and other components.

Commercial Window Cleaning vs. Residential:

Commercial window cleaning is a much different operation than your local window washer serving a neighborhood. Commercial window cleaners work all year round, service a much larger geographic area, can offer cost advantages due to economies of scale, and have capabilities to handle a much larger project scope and access difficulty. 

Having that said, the quality of service between commercial vs residential window cleaners should garner the same output. The production of streak-free and sparkling clean windows.  

Access Methods:

RayAccess technicians are trained and equipped to use the full spectrum of access methods and techniques:

  • Rope access
  • Telescopic water fed poles
  • Suspended scaffolding
  • Swing stages
  • Man lifts
  • Extension ladders 

Window Cleaning via Rope Access:

Rope access is a non-motorized positioning system that uses anchors, harnesses, and a two-line rope system. It allows RayAccess technicians to clean windows safely with fall protection support in place. 

This access method was created by the oil exploration industry; it is used all across the world. Similar to a commercial pilot, industrial rope access technicians need to log hours on rope and pass tests in order to maintain a certification.

Sometimes, Rope Access is the only way to safely access high work areas, and it can save up to 20-40% in cost compared to the use of boom lifts or scaffolding. With rope access, there is less need to erect scaffolding or rent heavy & disruptive equipment. When you remove permits and heavy equipment rentals, you will find rope access is the most cost-effective and time-efficient way to clean windows. RayAccess is a certified industrial rope access contractor.

Window Cleaning via Telescopic Devices:

Deionized water used in combination with long telescoping water-fed poles and brushes allow us to wash windows up to 4 stories while working quickly from ground level. With RayAccess, we are oriented on providing high value to our clients by using the most cost-effective access method, equipment and technology.

Window Cleaning via Suspended Platforms:

Suspended platforms include suspending scaffolding, swing stages, and powered platforms. This building infrastructure provides window washers with a stable support system during long drops. For safety reasons, suspended platforms need to be inspected every year by a licensed SIT engineer. The engineer insects roof anchors, davits/outriggers, power outlets, wire cables, hoists, and platform modules.

Window Cleaning via Man Lifts:

Man lifts are commonly referred to as articulating boom lifts, spider lifts, and compact crawlers. Depending on a building’s need, the appropriate man lift is rented from a construction equipment company. Some lifts can reach windows on a building 10 stories high. Setup time is quick but lifts require a stable terrain and large operating space. Obstacles can limit a lift’s access capabilities. 

Window Cleaning via Extension Ladders:

Extension ladders can reach windows on a building up to 40 feet. Extension ladders or any ladder are positioned with an appropriate angle for safety. They also require a stable surface to rest on at top and bottom. 

Cal OSHA Approved Standards:

California leads the nation on worker safety and RayAccess has maintained Cal OSHA approved operating standards. RayAccess is a fully licensed contractor in the state of California. Our affiliations include:

  • Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians
  • Scaffold & Access Industry Association
  • International Window Cleaning Association


Meeting the compliance requirements of high profile commercial clients,  RayAccess has comprehensive insurance coverage for various types of projects. Typical coverage is $1,000,000 Workers Compensation, $2,000,000 General Liability, $5,000,000 Excess Liability, and $1,000,000 Commercial Auto coverage. Please call RayAccess and speak to us about the insurance requirements for your project.

Alternative Services:

Benefits Of Hiring RayAccess:

Access Expertise: No matter the size of your building or scope of your window cleaning job, RayAccess capabilities cover the entire spectrum of window cleaning access methods.  

No Risk: We are a fully insured & licensed window cleaning company. The property management company is not liable when RayAccess is hired.

Satisfaction Guarantee: RayAccess workmanship guarantee means that if you find any issues in our work, we will return to fix them at no additional cost.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a typical size of your Commercial Window Cleaning project?

There is no typical project size since buildings come in all shapes and sizes. Projects vary depending on number of windows and project difficulty. A proposal can be between 4 and 6 digits in investment cost.

Do residents have to remove screens themselves?

In most cases, window screens can be removed, cleaned and put back by our crew from the outside. Sometimes, it’d be more cost-effective to remove screens from inside so the exterior glazing can be cleaned with water-fed poles. In this case, removing screens can be done by residents, building staff or our crew. Lastly, some buildings have window design with screens that can only be removed from the inside.

When is the best time to clean windows? After the rainy season?

In Southern California, most of the buildings have their exterior windows cleaned twice a year in Spring (April-June) and Fall (October-December). Thus, glazing stays clean most of the year. For once a year cleaning, anytime after the rainy season thorough summer usually works well.

However, we usually offer seasonal discounts up to 15% during winter months (January through March). Buildings with recessed windows are protected from direct rain drops, thus can take advantage of this discount.

Can RayAccess clean our interior windows and partition glass?

You bet, depending on your request our crew can clean interior windows, window tracks , and partition glass.RayAccess technicians wear clean shoe covers when working inside the building. We protect interiors by covering areas with absorbent cloth. Leaving no trace behind except  clean windows.

How much does window cleaning cost for my property?

There are several factors affecting the price for window cleaning: 1. How difficult is it to access and clean the windows? 2. How dirty the windows are? (depends on frequency of the service, building location, and if it’s post-construction clean-up) 3. Specific site requirements such as the need to work during a limited timeframe or night hours, need to access units and coordinate with tenants, the necessity to block off the street, and get city permits.

It’s free and easy to get an estimate with RayAccess: contact us with a request for proposal, we might need to schedule a 15-20 min job walk with our estimator on a convenient date/time to review your building and learn more details. Within 2-3 workdays, you’ll receive a proposal emailed to you! Our friendly staff will follow up with you and answer any questions you may have.

Can we customize proposals to remove areas that our residents or building porters can clean themselves?

Of course, we can include or exclude any areas from our proposal as per your request. Please mention your request when you contact us for a proposal or during a job walk with our estimator. For example, many apartment buildings do not want to include private balcony windows since they are in residents’ reach, as they prefer to clean those windows themselves.

Can RayAccess clean exterior windows in a building that doesn’t have anchors for the swing stage or functional Facade Access System?

Yes, we specialize in working on buildings with access challenges or architecture designs that make conventional access systems unsafe and ineffective. Our highest priority is Safety! During our proposal preparation, we evaluate various factors to determine the safest system to minimize risk for workers, the public, and property.

Can RayAccess inspect and certify roof anchors and access equipment (BMU, platform)?

Per CAL-OSHA, only SIT (Scaffolding Inspection & Testing) engineers licensed in California can certify roof anchors or access equipment. We work with several engineering companies to help our clients get their equipment up to code.

While annual inspection and certification shall be done only by SIT licensed engineers, RayAccess equipment operators are still responsible to conduct a pre-use inspection of the equipment to ensure it’s safe. Pre-use inspection is our standard safety practice for working on buildings equipped with a facade access system.

Commercial Window Cleaning Services


Standard Window Cleaning

First-time window cleaning, exterior only or both sides. We can clean any type of windows, skylights, glass railings and canopies, mirrors, and other glass surfaces.


Routine Window Washing

We can set a specific schedule to clean the windows on a regular basis. Typical periods for exterior or interior commercial window washing are weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually. Usually, discount from 5 to 30% is applied depending on frequency of the service. Based on our experience, retail and storefront glass require more frequent service then exterior glass on office buildings, for example.


Construction Window Cleaning

Post-construction window cleaning includes removal of construction debris from glass such as paint splatter and overspray, sealer and sealants stains, adhesives, stickers and tape, cement and others. Additionally, per clients request frames, tracks and sills can be included in the cleaning. Sometimes, there are stains on the glass that would require glass polishing. (See our Hard Water Removal page for more information)


High-rise Window Cleaning

As it was mentioned, we specialize in high-rise services. Technically, any building above 3 floors can be considered a high-rise if it requires special access equipment. In fact, RayAccess has unique capabilities of using various access techniques and equipment to clean windows in the most safe and efficient way.

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