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Weatherproofing of your building’s exterior windows is a must. Before a nightmare situation occurs it always pays to be proactive and perform the necessary caulking services to prevent your windows from leaking. RayAccess specializes in exterior window leak repair and employs window caulking best practices. We are a professional, fully insured, and licensed window caulking company. And we are here to help if you have leaking glazing, window or skylight!

Due to our deep experience in working on all kinds of buildings across Los Angeles we know the appropriate sealant to use for each project. In fact, every project is unique and having the right materials and capabilities to access hard-to-reach areas is a requirement for any window caulking contractor.  Our unique expertise in rope access and sealant procurement will keep your project on time and on budget!

RayAccess Inc. is a fully insured and professional Window Sealing Contractor

Top Five Problems From Having Faulty Window Joints:

  1. water damage
  2. mold growth
  3. unsightly stains
  4. unwanted bugs and spiders
  5. opens gaps limiting interior temperature control

Importantly, fixing your leaking window frames and joints can relieve all sorts of such problems. We all know how irritating it is to find unwanted pests in our homes. Or having high energy bills due to an air conditioning unit that is always on because of cold air freely flowing through window gaps.  In addition, property managers have to deal with expensive lawsuits from tenants facing hazardous health risks due to mold. 

Common Window Sealing Challenges:

Every building substrate material has a different temperature deformation. For example, if your building exterior is stucco the material will expand or compress at a different rate than a building exterior made of glass. Furthermore, a glass building exterior will expand/compress at a different rate than wood. Thus to keep the exterior weatherproof, joints with flexible sealant are required to allow this deformation. It is essential to both use the proper sealant type for each joint type and apply the material correctly. 

The different types of sealants used for window caulking include acrylic, silicone, urethane and hybrid sealants. They all have different strengths and weaknesses.

Three Types Of Window Joints:

Window caulking, or more accurately window sealing, is a process of replacing or applying sealant on window joints to make them watertight and weatherproofed. There are three different types of window joints. Each type of joint requires a compatible sealant to make the area watertight.


Overtime leaks occur when rubber gaskets shrink in window joints between glass and frame. Recaulking the glass-to-frame joint helps prevent water intrusion and increases energy efficiency.

The new sealant needs to be able to have strong elastic properties that allow for the expansion and contraction of building substrates. Suitable sealants include silicon or polyurethane caulking.





gap in window joint


Frame-to-wall joints are typically the widest of all window joints. These joints are the culprit of the majority of window leaks.

If exterior caulking is applied incorrectly during window installation or missing rains leaks are very common.








Rain leaks are less common in frame-to-frame joints but still need to be inspected and caulked to prevent water intrusion.

Small gaps between window frames get wider during deformation. Deformation is the natural process of expansion and contraction that puts tension on building substrates.




How We Perform Window Caulking:

There is a 4-step process to window caulking that includes: Inspection, Cleaning, Surface Preparation, Application

  1. Inspection: A visual leak inspection is how we begin any caulking service. Many times the visual inspection is conducted at the same time our technicians will perform the caulking service. However, when the leak is not obvious a water test is required to identify the water intrusion area. The water test is exposing various sections of windows to specifically gauged spray water at 5 min per 5LFT rate. Water test shall be done 1-2 days prior to caulking to allow the joints and substrate to dry.
  2. Cleaning: the second step includes cutting off the old caulk. If the old window caulk has cracks or delaminating, it has to be replaced completely. Now we can thoroughly clean the joint from any loose pieces or old sealant.
  3. Surface Preparation: Next is to consider the thickness of the sealant application. A  backers rod should be used on joints deeper than half inch to prevent excessive thickness and unnecessary waste of sealant. If the window sealant is too thick, it has much less flexibility resulting in cracks and failure.
  4. Application: It is now time to caulk window frames. The sealant should be applied and tooled evenly. Tooling is critically important to ensure adhesion and even distribution of window caulk. 

RayAccess Window Caulking Services:

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Benefits Of Hiring RayAccess:

Licensed & Insured: RayAccess is a professional, fully insured and licensed caulking contractor. Whether you are a homeowner that lives in Los Angeles or a property manager we can help. Our window caulking service will seal your windows and prevent leaks. Don’t delay, waterproof your building today and avoid more costly repairs.  

Unique Capabilities: RayAccess capabilities include advanced rope access techniques which can help reduce the time and cost for your waterproofing job. Our technicians are skilled at accessing high-rise buildings and homes with hard-to-reach windows. From skylight leak repair to caulking historical buildings with unique architecture, we get to places others can’t.  

Labor Warranty: RayAccess stands by our work and guarantees satisfaction of the caulking services we perform. In fact we provide a workmanship warranty for 12 months for repaired (sealed) areas. If you find a leak due to our work we will re-caulk the area(s) no questions asked.

Procurement Services: RayAccess has provided caulking services on a wide variety of substrates. Before we waterproof your building or home, we procure the appropriate sealant for your window joint. We spend the time other caulking contractors don’t by sourcing the right products to fit the needs of your project.




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