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RayAccess performs visual inspection services for commercial and industrial markets in the Los Angeles area. No matter how tall or hard-to-reach your building, structure, or equipment is – RayAccess can reach, inspect and provide the required documentation to help you make more informed decisions. With our cross-trade and high access capabilities, RayAccess performs visual inspections for the detection and interpretation of all kinds of surface flaws.

Visual Inspection is the most cost-effective procedure for quality control. RayAccess trained inspectors will help control your maintenance expenses and prevent unplanned disruptions to your facility or business.

Contact RayAccess for a visual inspection of your commercial or industrial property. We employ the most cost-effective methods to complete visual inspections with our certified industrial rope access technicians and FAA-certified drone pilots.

We inspect for: substrate cracks and flaws, corrosion, paint/coating condition, sealant and waterproofing issues, leaks and water intrusion sources, structural integrity, bolts and fasteners torque, surface discontinuities.

RayAccess Inc. is fully insured and equipped for any type of visual inspection request

Problems Solved With Visual Inspections:

  1. Reduce liability by keeping people safe on the street below
  2. Maintain compliance with local inspection ordinances
  3. Identify failing components to prevent costly repairs
  4. Identify water intrusion areas
  5. Historical preservation

Visual Inspection Applications & Service Area:

Based in Los Angeles, RayAccess, Inc. serves the entire LA market and may travel for select projects throughout the state of California. Visual inspections can be performed on a number of substrates and difficult to access areas including domes and spires, high interior atriums, and unique building architecture. 

What is a Visual Inspection:

Visual inspection or visual testing (VT) is the most basic and cost effective method of non-destructive testing (NDT). As the name implies visual inspections involve the observation of a surface material to inspect for corrosion, bolts and fasteners torque, leaks, and many other physical damages. 

Visual inspections are generally performed with one’s eyes and hands, but cameras are also used to enhance and document visual examinations. Visual inspections is a time consuming process. Challenges to reach and access testing subjects have become much easier with the assistance of drones and industrial rope access equipment. If equipped with the aforementioned technology, visual inspections can be completed more quickly and efficiently.

Visual Inspection Access Methods:

Rope Access Inspections:

Rather than using suspended scaffolding, or a hydraulic boom lift or crane that blocks traffic, rope access inspections are a much less disruptive and a much more cost efficient method to search for defects.

Rope access inspections are done safely only if certified rope access technicians are hired. RayAccess employs such technicians that have special training and certifications in industrial rope access. Industrial rope access has over 15 million hours of recorded labor completed. Perfected by the oil and gas explorations industry, it is the preferred method for inspecting offshore oil rigs. 

Drone Inspections:

Similar to the use of rope access for visual inspections, advanced drones, also known as unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), is another highly versatile and nimble method. The benefits of drone inspections include cost advantages, minimal disruptions, and time savings. Drones equipped with sensors and cameras can conduct highly detailed visual inspections. To maintain compliance with local laws, FAA certified drone pilots are required to deploy drones for visual inspections. 

Thermal Image Inspections:

Thermal image inspections is a non-destructive testing method to find leaks not visible to the human eye. Infrared cameras or thermal imaging devices, detect surface temperatures based on infrared radiation which has longer wavelengths than visible light.

Used correctly, thermal imaging can be used to detect detrimental conditions including corrosion, water intrusion, delaminations, surface discontinuities, and sealant issues. Tethered with infrared cameras, rope access technicians or advanced drones look for leaks in buildings and facades.

Rope Access Assistance for VT and NDT Inspections:

RayAccess industrial rope technicians work alongside various inspection consultants for VT and NDT projects. We provide rope access assistance and rigging to support inspections for structural engineers, architects, historic preservationists, builders, general contractors, and facilities management companies. 


While maintaining Cal OSHA operating standards, RayAccess is a fully licensed contractor in the state of California. All technicians are trained and certified for industrial rope access SPRAT/IRATA best practices.

Visual Inspection Process:

  1. Information/problem review
  2. Inspection planning
  3. Inspection process
  4. Report (photo, video, diagrams)
  5. Recommendations


Local laws are sprouting from coast to coast that call for Façade Inspection and Safety Programs. From NYC to SF, municipalities have increased regulations to protect the public from falling debris. Many dangerous accidents over the years are the culprit. 

With NYC local Law 11 that morphed into FISP, building owners must inspect the facade every five years to make sure it’s in safe condition. In SF law was passed in 2017, to inspect buildings five or more stories high.

If regulation continues, many more buildings across many more cities will need to schedule inspections. While it may seem to be a rather time-consuming and disruptive task, it can be done quickly and safely with a combination of drones and industrial rope access technicians.

Visual Inspections with RayAccess:

Cross-trade Training: 

Our expertise in maintenance, waterproofing and painting of buildings and structures helps to better understand and identify the problems. 

High Access Expertise: 

RayAccess technicians have certifications in rope access with SPRAT and IRATA best practices. We are also experienced with using the full spectrum of high access equipment including ladders, man lifts, and suspended platforms.

Project Management:

Communication is a big part of any project with RayAccess. We hire seasoned project managers that have thousands of commercial/industrial projects under their management. RayAccess project managers provide a high level of coordination with building consultants.





Visual Inspection Service Area

RayAccess, Inc. provides Visual Inspection Services at the following areas: Los Angeles County (including Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Hollywood, Downtown Los Angeles, Glendale, Santa Clarita, Burbank, Encino, San Fernando, Pasadena, Culver City, Marina del Rey, Playa del Rey, El Segundo, Long Beach, Redondo Beach, Torrance, City of Commerce).

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