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RayAccess is fully equipped to detect the rain leaks of windows and exterior building walls. Our technicians are highly capable with accessing both high rise buildings and hard-to-reach areas of residential homes. We identify water intrusion by performing a complete diagnostic. RayAccess performs a visual inspection, takes photos with infrared and thermal cameras, and simulates a calibrated water test. If you have a home or business in Los Angeles or the surrounding areas, contact RayAccess to conduct a window or wall leak inspection today!

RayAccess Inc. is a fully insured and professional Rain Leak Detection Company

The Myth About Rain Leaks:

Rain leaks can become noticeable in total random areas or where rainwater does not directly enter the building envelope. In fact, water dripping from a window frame is not necessarily coming through the exterior of that same frame. It can be seeping through an open gap of a window sill on several floors above. Often, water can intrude through defected walls and window joints, a damaged roof, wall cracks, or penetrate through porous wall materials such as brick, concrete or natural stone. Rainwater driven by gravity can travel several floors down and up to 10-20 ft horizontally via an internal wall framework which becomes a conduit. 

Windows, Curtain Walls, and Rain Leak Detection:

Windows or glass curtain walls are designed to have a reliable resistance to air and water but require their joints to be airtight. Over time, window joints need to be caulked to maintain their weather resistance or there can be cause for great concern. Besides water damage to the interior, having leaky windows or curtain walls may bring unsightly stains, unwanted insects, expensive energy bills, and dangerous mold. 

Stucco Walls and Rain Leak Detection:

Stucco is not water-resistant; it is a porous material made of a combination including Portland cement, sand, and water. Water intrusion is very common in stucco walls in addition to cracking that can lead to rainwater leaks.  Stucco is prone to having large cracks form. Waterproofing techniques for stucco involve patching with sealant. 

Brick or Stone Masonry Walls and Rain Leak Detection:

Brick is also a porous material that absorbs rainwater. Since bricks have masonry joints, it is very common for water penetration to occur if the joints are not bonded properly. After windy rainfall, water will pass through the cracks and holes in unfilled joints. Rain leak detection is the first step to weatherproof your building.

Metal Sheet Walls and Rain Leak Detection:

Metal sheet panels provide a very modern look and are highly water-resistant. The only concern is that water can pass through their joints. Properly caulking joints will bond the metal sheets together and prevent rain leaks from happening.  

Multi-Prong Inspection Process:

Visual inspections, thermal imaging, and water-test inspections help to detect sources of water penetration/intrusion in order to develop a cost-efficient plan for repairs. 

Visual Inspection:

Our technicians will inspect the surface material for any cracks or water stains. If needed safety techniques are used to reach high levels of building with rope access or boom lifts.

visual leak inspection


Thermography is a test that uses infrared cameras to detect heat patterns. It is commonly used by doctors to detect cancer cells but can also be used by water leak detection specialists to find subtle changes in temperature caused by moisture. It is an extremely useful tool to find the source of rainwater leaks. Thermal images are taken to find water intrusion that is not visible to the naked eye. Thermal imaging is a non-invasive method to track a leak. RayAccess technicians have specialized skills and equipment to detect rain leaks via this method.

leak detection via thermal imaging photos


Sometimes the leak is not found by a visual or thermographic inspection. At this point, a water-test is completed. It’s not just hosing down the wall or window but recreating a rain simulation via calibrated water test. It requires a specially calibrated nozzle that imitates rain via a standardized AAMA nozzle, 5min per 5 LFT, 35 PSI. The testing starts from bottom to top isolating potential leak areas. The inspector watches from the inside to detect the moment when water appears. A calibrated water test to mimic rainfall is only completed if leaks could not be detected by visual or thermographic inspection 

water testing


If requested, a report is prepared to document the inspection.

inspection map

Alternative Services:

Window Sealing (Caulking):

If a rain leak is detected, a remedy for repair is to seal or caulk the wall or window joint. Hire a professional window caulking contractor to prevent any further water damage. Only a professional will know how to inspect, clean, prepare surface material, and apply sealant or water protection coating.

Rain Leak Detection Highlights:


Detect leaks quickly without racking up billable hours with invasive detection techniques. Water intrusions specialists at RayAccess have the ability to detect leaks quickly with non-invasive diagnostic technology.  You can expect excellent customer service with quick estimating and scheduling for your leak inspection in Los Angeles. We won’t invoice you until the job is completed. Pricing for visual leak inspection starts at $250. Pricing for water-test simulation starts at $650.


RayAccess is a licensed and fully insured exterior building contractor for rain leak detection. We are driven by our values of efficiency, safety, and quality. From fall protection to diagnostic equipment, we have the most advanced equipment to get the job done.

Access Expertise:

Unlike other rain leak specialists, RayAccess employs industrial rope access technicians. This means we can safe access and inspect very hard-to-reach areas of your house or building. Besides our access capabilities, using ropes is often less expensive then renting heavy machinery such as a crane.





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