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RayAccess serves the residential and commercial market for high ceiling cleaning. Our crews’ capabilities include cleaning high ceilings 15 feet and up. We are rope access certified and fully equipped to work at any height. No matter the ceiling component or type of ceiling you have, RayAccess is able to access and clean ceilings others can’t.

Cobwebs, dust, and grime easily accumulate in hard-to-reach places that often get neglected. Dust will cling to various high interior surfaces such as beams, truss, ledges, ducts, pipes, light fixtures, decorations, windows, skylights, and ceiling. Unkempt high areas and ceilings can lead to poor indoor air quality, inefficient HVAC, and very unattractive interiors. Fear not, RayAccess has you covered! We believe the cleanliness of your facility or home reflects directly on the quality of your business and life.

Getting an estimate for “ceiling cleaning near me” is simple. Send us an inquiry or call us today! You can expect a member of our customer service team to respond with a quote or schedule a complimentary job walk.

Properties we serve:

  • apartments, houses & residential lofts
  • restaurants & shopping malls
  • warehouse & factory plants 
  • gyms, swimming pools & sports arenas
  • hotels & casinos
  • cathedrals & museums
  • hospitals
  • airports

RayAccess team is fully insured and equipped for any type and scale of high interior maintenance project.

Commercial Ceiling Cleaning Markets:

If you manage a warehouse or commercial property the number one concern is a disruption to business operations. RayAccess gets this. Our team works swiftly to complete all commercial high ceiling jobs.  Each project is assigned to a competent operations manager. We also employ industrial rope access technicians, which means we use the quickest and least disruptive access method available. Our certified industrial rope access crew can safely access and clean high areas in manufacturing plants, warehouses, airports, museums, hotels, sports stadiums, and far too many retail destinations to mention.

What is High Cleaning:

High cleaning is the process of cleaning interiors 15 feet or higher. These hard-to-reach areas are usually neglected surfaces on a ceiling or wall that accumulate dust. High access and fall protection equipment is used to reach and clean these areas via industrial rope access, ladders, scissor lifts, and compact crawlers.  

The most effective time to spot dirt or dust is daytime when natural sunlight is abundant. Since daytime usually happens to be during business hours, blocking off space with heavy equipment can be disruptive. Therefore industrial rope access is the preferred method for high cleaning, as it causes the least disruption, and allows for cleaning during daylight hours. If daytime work is not possible due to building operations or extreme heat, RayAccess crews are equipped with headlamp gear to create artificial light and effectively work during nighttime.

Types of Exposed Structure Ceilings We Clean:

As an established contractor based in Los Angeles, RayAccess is privileged to service some of the most beautiful open architecture ceilings. The design trend of exposed structure ceilings is very evident in luxurious LA homes, workshare offices, hotels, and many retail spaces. Not to mention, the Los Angeles warehouses that influenced industrial design trends. If you have one of the below open architecture ceilings, contact RayAccess for dusting and cleaning. We will keep your high interiors clean so your occupants can admire their full beauty. 

Beam Ceilings:

Exposed ceiling beams or joists are usually made of wood or steel. Their arrangement is typically parallel, and their purpose is to support a ceiling. Although beam ceilings have been linked to rustic design, these days they are popular in modern architecture.

Vaulted or Cathedral Ceilings:

Like that of a cathedral, vaulted ceilings bring a dramatic effect while making a ceiling appear higher and feel bigger than it actually is. Vaulted ceilings are shaped at varying degrees of an upside-down “V”.

Dome Ceilings:

Since ancient times, dome ceilings have been found in architecture. They consist of several arches that create a hollow sphere. Quite often there is a skylight or chandelier at the top of the dome. RayAccess capabilities include cleaning dome ceilings, skylights, and chandeliers.

Tray Ceilings:

Tray ceilings or recessed ceilings is where a centerpiece is cut out to resemble a tray. Some tray ceilings have multiple layers cut out to further dramatize the design.

Coffered Ceilings:

Coffered ceilings are when ceiling panels are in grid form. Each panel is square or rectangle shaped arranged to create a pattern. Each panel is surrounded by its protruding edges similar to a tray as described above. Coffered ceilings add texture and pattern to a ceiling for a stylish design effect. 

Cove Ceilings:

A concave ceiling with curves or arches that connect to the side walls. Cove ceilings create a dome-like design found in Middle Eastern architecture from ancient times.  

Professional Ceiling Cleaning Tools:

RayAccess is fully equipped with a full arsenal of tools including:

industrial vacuums, steam cleaners, microfiber dusting mitts, scrubbers, squeegees, wholesale cleaning solutions, shoe covers, deionized water filters, water fed-poles, ladders, rope access equipment, scissor lifts, and compact crawlers, 

Why You Should Have Your Ceilings Cleaned?

Improve Indoor Air Quality & Smell:

It’s no myth that ceilings make up the lion share of your building’s interior surface area except they are cleaned the least, due to their high access. Accumulating dust will cause rotting of surfaces that create foul smells. Dust removal eliminates musty smells.


A dirty ceiling is an eyesore that is easily noticed by customers and your employees. Maintaining the cleanliness of your ceiling reflects directly on the quality of your business.

Energy Efficiency:

Dirt and debris that is covering ceiling vents make your HVAC system work harder. You can save money on your monthly electric bill if your HVAC system is running more efficiently. 

Online Reputation: 

If you manage a hotel, restaurant, or business in hospitality a common topic people write about is the cleanliness of your business. Get 5 stars from customer reviews and travel rating agencies by keeping your ceiling clean.

Dirty Ceilings can be Hazardous:

Dust that falls from the ceiling above can be problematic. It’s not uncommon for building vibrations, or strong airflow to shake loose dust & debris from above. If dust falls into someone’s eye or food that is a health hazard.

Combustible dust buildup is a fire hazard. Dust coated with flammable or hazardous residue can catch fire and cause destruction [1].

Dust Creates a Breeding Ground:

In just 1 gram of dust, there can be between 100 and 500 dust mites [2]. Dust mites are ⅓ mm 8-legged arachnids. While breeding on dust, Dust mites can create bacteria, mold, and even allergic reactions in some folks.

By removing dust, you are maintaining a clean and healthy environment that is safe and germ-free.

Alternative Services:

Ceiling Fan Cleaning:

Ceiling fans get dirty, dusty, and greasy. Dust buildup is a factor that makes your fan wobbly. Cleaning your ceiling fan is a sure way to maximize its lifespan while keeping a safe environment with clean air.

Air Vent Cleaning:

Air vent cleaning is crucial if you want your HVAC system to operate efficiently. RayAccess technicians use a number of access methods to reach and clean air vents at any height.

Chandelier Cleaning:

If you need chandelier removal and cleaning, RayAccess has you covered. Our technicians can access chandeliers at any height. Hire a fully insured contractor for chandelier cleaning.

Truss Cleaning:

Cleaning your roof or ceiling trusses and rafters, require the ability to safely access high areas from inside the building. RayAccess employs rope access methods to minimize disruptions, maximize safety for truss cleaning.

Decoration Cleaning:

Cleaning decorations and ornamentals is a commonly neglected task especially if they are up high and out of reach. RayAccess crews have been hired to clean decorations at any height. In addition, if you need installation or removal of decorations call RayAccess.

Interior Glass and Skylight Cleaning:

Cleaning skylights can be challenging due to their height. RayAccess cleans skylights and interior glass at the highest of levels.

Benefits of Hiring RayAccess for High Ceiling Cleaning:

Fully Insured: RayAccess is a professional, California licensed, fully insured contractor performing high ceiling cleaning throughout Los Angeles.

Access Expertise: Since 2011, our crew has maintained certifications in rope access to safely clean high ceilings. Besides rope access, we employ the full spectrum of high ceiling access methods to effectively meet your needs.

Cost Savings: Our proposals are more attractive than contractors that only use traditional methods for cleaning ceilings. If you have not had ceiling cleaning and your air vents are clogged, dust removal ensures your HVAC operates efficiently and lowers your electric bill.


  1. Combustible Dust: An Explosion Hazard. OSHA. https://www.osha.gov/combustible-dust
  2. Mass Lung & Allergy PC. 2016. https://masslung.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/dust-mites.pdf




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