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Roof cleaning should be part of every building maintenance program. Commercial roof cleaning is an essential activity since roofs are the first line of defense that protect against the elements outside. Whether you manage an office building, warehouse or commercial property, it is important to maintain the roofs cleanliness.

Since 2011, RayAccess has performed commercial roof washing or cleaning for hotels, convention centers, hospitals, churches, arenas, warehouses, and many other large commercial properties. RayAccess is a full service exterior building maintenance company. For more information, call us or read below to learn about our commercial roof washing service.

RayAccess Inc. is fully insured and equipped for any type of commercial roof cleaning request

Commercial Roof Types:

Commercial roof systems need to be washed more often than residential roofs. This is due to the simple fact that they are more often than not, flat. Flat roofs or low-sloped roofs accumulate more dirt than pitched roofs.

Nonetheless, RayAccess fulfills commercial roof cleaning requests no matter the design. Our technicians are fully trained in fall protection best practices, and use the complete spectrum of access equipment. 

RayAccess cleans glass roofing, metal roofing, built-up roofing membranes, single ply roofing, and modified bitumen to name a few. We follow manufacturers guidelines with each particular roof type. 

Common Issues:

Roof drainage problems refer to issues that arise when water fails to effectively drain off a roof, resulting in pooling or accumulation. These problems are particularly common on flat roofs where the lack of slope can impede water flow. When water collects on a flat roof, it can create various complications. The excess weight of pooled water can strain the roof structure, leading to potential structural damage over time. Additionally, prolonged exposure to water can degrade roofing membranes and decrease their lifespan. The accumulation of debris, such as leaves, twigs, and dirt, can further exacerbate drainage issues by clogging drains and gutters, hindering the proper flow of water. This combination of factors makes regular inspection and maintenance of roof & drainage systems crucial to prevent water-related damage and ensure the longevity of flat roofs.

A dirty roof can significantly impact energy consumption and result in higher energy bills. When a roof becomes dirty, it can accumulate various forms of debris such as dirt, leaves, moss, and roof algae (gloeocapsa magma). This layer of dirt acts as an insulator, trapping heat and preventing proper ventilation. As a result, the roof becomes less effective at reflecting sunlight and dissipating heat, leading to increased heat absorption and higher indoor temperatures.

Commercial Roof Cleaning Benefits:

  1. Enhanced Energy Efficiency: Regular roof cleaning removes accumulated dirt, debris, and pollutants that can hinder the roof’s ability to reflect sunlight and dissipate heat. By keeping the roof clean, energy efficiency is improved, reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling and lowering energy bills.
  2. Prolonged Roof Lifespan: Over time, debris and organic matter that hold moisture can degrade roofing materials, leading to deterioration and potential leaks. By regularly cleaning the roof, you can prevent the buildup of damaging substances and extend the lifespan of the roof, avoiding costly repairs or premature replacement.
  3. Improved Aesthetic Appeal: A clean roof contributes to the overall appearance of a commercial building. Regular cleaning removes stains, moss, and other unsightly elements, giving the roof a fresh and well-maintained look, which can positively impact the reputation of the business.
  4. Compliance with Warranty Requirements: Many roofing warranties have specific maintenance requirements, which may include regular cleaning. By adhering to these requirements, you can ensure that your warranty remains valid, protecting your investment and providing peace of mind.
  5. Early Detection of Issues: During the cleaning process, professionals can inspect the roof for any signs of damage, such as cracks, missing sealant, and clogged drains. Timely identification of these issues allows for prompt repairs, preventing further damage and potential water infiltration.

Overall, commercial roof cleaning not only improves the visual appeal of the building but also plays a vital role in maintaining the roof’s integrity, optimizing energy efficiency, and reducing long-term costs associated with repairs and replacements.

Process for Commercial Roof Cleaning:

The process for commercial roof cleaning typically involves the following steps:

  1. Assessment and Preparation: A professional roof cleaning team will start by assessing the condition of the roof and identifying any specific areas of concern. They will also take necessary safety precautions and prepare the surrounding area by covering or protecting electrical equipment, plants, or sensitive structures.
  2. Debris Removal: The first step in cleaning a commercial roof is removing loose debris, such as leaves, branches, and other debris. This can be done using tools like brooms, brushes, or blowers, or in some cases, using specialized equipment like power washers or vacuums.
  3. Treatment Application: Depending on the type of roof and the specific cleaning requirements, a suitable cleaning solution or treatment may be applied. This could involve using environmentally friendly detergents, mildewcides, or specialized cleaning agents designed to remove stains, moss, or algae. The treatment is typically sprayed or applied evenly across the roof surface.
  4. Agitation and Scrubbing: In cases where there are stubborn stains, moss, or algae, the cleaning team may use soft bristled metal brushes to agitate and scrub the surface gently. Care is taken not to damage the roofing materials or protective coatings.
  5. Pressure Washing and Water Drainage: Once the cleaning solution has been applied and any necessary scrubbing completed, the roof is thoroughly washed using the appropriate PSI level of pressured water or a gentle spray. This step ensures the removal of all cleaning agents, dirt, and residue. Proper water drainage is important to prevent any pooling or water damage.
  6. Inspection and Repairs: After the cleaning process, the roof is inspected for any signs of damage, such as cracks, leaks, or missing sealants. Any issues identified are documented, and repairs or maintenance recommendations are made to address them promptly.
  7. Clean-Up and Site Restoration: Once the roof cleaning is complete, the team will clean up the surrounding area, removing any protective covers, disposing of debris, and ensuring the site is left tidy.

It’s important to note that the specific process may vary depending on the type of roof, its condition, and the cleaning techniques employed by the commercial maintenance company. It is recommended to only hire experienced and insured contractors to ensure safe and effective roof cleaning for commercial buildings.

Alternative Services:

Why Hire RayAccess:

Fully Insured:

RayAccess carries comprehensive insurance for roof cleaning projects. We are happy to add your specific property and send you our certificate insurance.

Rope Access Certified:

RayAccess employs industrial rope access technicians. This means we can safely work on high areas using top anchors and two line rope systems. Ray Access technicians have logged thousands of hours and passed tests to be certified. 

One Stop Shop:

Due to runoff, other services are done in conjunction with commercial roof cleaning. RayAccess is a one stop shop for exterior building maintenance. We perform window cleaning, gutter cleaning, pressure washing to name a few.

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  • On behalf of 1033 Ocean Ave HOA, I would like to thank RayAccess for a great job in cleaning and restoring the exterior of our building. Utilizing your rope access system saved our Association much in costs and we are glad to have avoided the need to erect scaffolding to perform the work. Sergey and his crew were very professional and communicated well during the project.

    Susan L. 1033 Ocean Ave HOA Board
  • "Great job in washing our building! Very professional team."

    Luis P. DoubleTree by Hilton Los Angeles / Director of Engineering
  • "Thanks so much for the great work! The windows look perfect"

    Alex R. Fisch Properties / Property Manager
  • "Great job at a great price! Had them come in to clean our building and were able to reach the high windows with no problem! Called for a free estimate, they came that same day and then came to clean to the next day! Friendly staff as well!"

    Sugar B. Playa Vista Community
  • Thank you so much for cleaning windows at our building. The tenants are so happy! They can finally see what's outside their windows!

    Ismael S SouthPark Group/ Property Manager
  • I'm really happy with work RayAccess did for us on painting the exterior of Loews atrium. At first, I though it would be a nightmare project because of old paint condition and difficult access to some areas. But it turned out to be a very professional and smooth job! Thank you.

    Rex U. Loews Hotel/ Director of Engineering
  • RayAccess painted our outdoor movie screen on a high-rise building in Downtown LA. With their Rope Access method, they saved us thousands of dollars in bringing a huge lift and blocking almost entire street. The job was done perfectly! Thank you so much!

    Emily W. Rooftop Cinema/ Head of Design & Production

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