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RayAccess, Inc. is a professional exterior building cleaning contractor serving commercial and residential buildings in the Los Angeles area. We specialize in cleaning multi-story buildings. Our commercial crew cleans everything from exterior façades, roofs, awnings, canopies, and many other architectural elements.

In order to achieve attractive results and protect building materials, RayAccess utilizes various methods of cleaning such as pressure washing, soft-cleaning, and chemical cleaning. With unique experience using the full spectrum of access methods, RayAccess can reach any spot on your building safely and efficiently.

RayAccess Inc. is a professional & fully insured exterior building cleaning contractor

Human & Natural Factors Impact Building Materials:

In fact, routine exterior cleaning is not only important for a building’s appearance but also for protecting exterior surfaces from staining, mold, and deterioration. Most commonly used exterior building substrates (stucco, brick, cement, natural stone) have porous structure that allow dirt and air contaminants to penetrate into the material. Overtime, these contaminants can cause permanent staining and significantly restrict vapor permeability. As a consequence, trapped moisture and contaminants cause substrate cracking, aging, discoloration, staining, as well as mold and fungus growth. Having that said, the closer the building to areas with high pollution (i.e. roads, highways, industrial facilities, dusty fields), the more frequent the exterior building cleaning.

Indeed, some natural factors can also negatively affect exterior substrates. For instance, salty mist air near the ocean, or areas with high pollen can cause a range of issues from corrosion and efflorescence to mold and fungus growth.

The RayAccess Difference:

To deliver the best results for our clients, we focus on Safety, Quality, and Efficiency.


We employ certified industrial rope access technicians. Rope Access is the safest method for working at height. In addition to rope access, our staff is trained to use swing stages, man lifts, suspended scaffolding, and ladders.


We stand behind our work. In fact, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If there are any problems with our work, we will promptly return and resolve the issue at no additional cost.


RayAccess is efficient in everything we do. We employ experienced project managers and administrators. Our frontline workers are trained in multiple areas from window cleaning to waterproofing. RayAccess is a one-stop shop to protect your building.

Exterior Building Cleaning Services


Pressure Washing

Exterior cleaning with water sprayed under high pressure of 1,500-4,000 PSI. Very efficient way to remove dust, dirt and grime from various surfaces from stucco, concrete, painted metal. In some cases, pressure (power) washing can be used in combination with a cleaning product application. This method is not recommended for surfaces that can absorb water quickly (such as limestone, travertine, some brick masonry), made from materials that can be damaged by the pressure such as vinyl, canvas, siding. Power washing can be ineffective for smooth materials such as glass, aluminum or stainless-steel panels resulting in hard-water staining if the drips are not squeegeed/dried/wiped manually.


Soft Cleaning

Soft-cleaning is represented by scrubbing with soft-bristled brushes and cleaning product with consecutive light rinsing. In particular, soft-cleaning is recommended for sensitive building elements and substrates such as painted siding, porous natural stone (limestone, travertine, brick masonry), stainless steel and aluminum paneling, architectural glass, vinyl or canvas. It can be a great alternative to minimize use of water. Often, rinsing is conducted with deionized water or followed by drying/squeegeeing the surface to avoid hard-water stains.


Graffiti & Stains Removal

RayAccess has unique expertise in deep cleaning method applied for stained building exterior where regular cleaning was not successful. Typically, such stains require aggressive chemical application with rinsing or polishing, in case it has smooth surface. Stains on a building exterior can be caused by oxidation (hard-water or calcium deposits), efflorescence, rust and corrosion, mold, oil and other deeply penetrated contaminants. Usually, the longer a stain stays on the exterior, then more difficult is to remove it. In RayAccess, we developed proprietary processes to treat various type of staining on building exterior such as oxidation on marble, granite or aluminum, rust on stainless steel, efflorescence on bricks and natural stone.


Facade Elements, Roof & Awning Cleaning

Some building elements such as roof, awnings, canopies, decorative cornices, require special treatment by access, cleaning process and products selection. RayAccess expertise in special access and fall-protection techniques allow us efficiently clean and maintain all types of roofs, awnings and architectural building elements. In order to prevent damage, we use soft-cleaning for roofs and awnings made from vinyl, membranes, canvas, painted metal, gypsum, aluminum and metal panels, plexiglass. Some, terra cotta and tiled roofs can be safely cleaned via pressure washing.

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