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RayAccess is a commercial high-rise caulking contractor based in Los Angeles. Our company deals with the cause of rain leaks and water intrusion inside buildings. We service high-rise and multi-story buildings and perform exterior window caulking, rain leak inspections, and waterproofing of wall joints.

Unlike most commercial caulking contractors, RayAccess doesn’t only rely on swing stages, aerials lifts and scaffolding to access hard-to-reach areas that need caulking. RayAccess employs are team of certified industrial rope access technicians. Rope Access is the only way to safely access some high work areas, and it often saves between 20-40% compared to bids using boom lifts or scaffolding.

We guarantee high quality service and your satisfaction

  • We offer a 12-24 month workmanship warranty for our work
  • If any issues are found due to our services we will return quickly to fix them
  • We’ll coordinate with you to ensure minimal disturbance from our work

RayAccess Inc. is a fully insured commercial caulking contractor

Commercial Caulking Markets:

Since 2011, RayAccess has proudly performed exterior caulking services for the commercial sector including high rise apartment buildings, homeowner associations, hotels, office buildings, hospitals, museums, churches, stadiums, warehouses, and industrial structures.

What kind of costly dangers do window and wall leaks bring to buildings?

In Southern California, most property managers see rain leaks as a temporary event happening a few times a year. And, mistakenly, their main remedy is just putting a bucket or towel to capture dripping water from window frames, walls, and ceilings, meanwhile promising their tenants to fix it later. However, problems caused by rain leaks are much more serious and eventually result in substantial damage to the underlying structure of a building.

Water intrusion is considered the most common cause for expensive building repairs. In fact, based on insurance claim statistics, building owners in US spend 20 billion each year, dealing with the consequences of water damage. [1]

And if left unfixed, the damages will cost you thousands of dollars.

Rain water entering and penetrating through faulty windows and wall joints can result in 3 main problems:


Not only can mold bring unpleasant look and odor, it can also cause serious health problems. Exposure to mold can lead to cough, nasal stuffiness, eye irritation and skin issues. Remediation procedures can turn out to be very expensive, and require to shut down the space for a few days or weeks.

Corrosion of Structural Beams:

Once a little rust settles in, the corrosion can be costly to repair. Corrosion of structural beams can substantially weaken your building and become a serious safety hazard to building occupants.


When wet, electrical wires can easily fry your appliances leading to power malfunctions and fire hazards. Also, handling damaged wiring or failing to notice electrified tools, equipment, or standing water can severely injure your occupants and employees. Besides mold, fire, and diminishing structural integrity of your building, there are plenty of other threats and damages that water leaks bring.

Exterior Caulking is Critical for Building Health: 

Exterior Caulking [2] serves as a powerful agent that blocks water, dust, sound and heat transmission through joints around windows, doors, trim, flashing, and other exterior building elements.

In addition, it allows for joint movement and flexibility within certain limits. Movements are caused by various factors including building settlement, earthquakes and, most commonly, heating and cooling of building exterior. A building exterior expands when it’s under direct sunlight, and shrinks at night when it’s cold.

Besides rain leak prevention, exterior caulking is essential for maintaining temperature control inside a building. Waterproofed joints prevent heat from entering and cold air from leaving through the joints, and vice versa depending on outside temperature. Thus, it significantly increases energy efficiency and cost savings on electricity bills.

Lastly, in commercial settings, caulk greatly contributes to the appearance and value of your building. A proper caulking application by a caulking contractor can make your corners, slits, and joints look clean, attractive, and actually durable & sustainable.

The typical lifespan of any caulking sealant ranges between 5 and 10 years depending on the type of material, UV exposure, and level/frequency of exterior joint deformation. If applied incorrectly or an incompatible sealant is used, the caulking will fail in a few months.

The most common problems with exterior caulking are missed open joints, old sealant cracking, loss of adhesion, and substrate failure (cracks). All of these problems except cracks are fully preventable. That’s why it’s critically important to hire a professional caulking contractor whether to install new caulking or identify leaking areas before they are fixed.

Why Hire RayAccess?

Access Expertise:

Unlike other caulking contractors, RayAccess developed high-level expertise in various high-rise access techniques and methods including Rope Access, suspended platforms (aka swing stage), and aerial lifts. We can access and fix any area of your building safely and cost-efficiently.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

When it comes to performing any project, we only use the best caulks and sealants available in the industry and ensure that the job performed on your property is in accordance with high quality standards. As a result, we furnish 12-24 months workmanship warranty for our caulking and waterproofing work.

5 Star Service:

Note that it is very common that property managers have a hard time choosing a good and reliable vendor. Tenants then complain about the noise and disturbances caused by an unprofessional vendor that leaves dirt and defects. And as the outcome of poor building maintenance performed by these unprofessional contractors, their job leaves tenants and property owners dissatisfied with the overall condition and appearance.

We are proud to say that our certified specialists received professional training, which they now successfully implement to make sure your building remains Resilient, Secure, and Environmentally Healthy. The quality of our work keeps our happy clients’ properties from greater damage long term. If you would like to protect your occupants and avoid dealing with damaging and costly consequences, let our highly skilled team prevent them for you.


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  2. Wikipedia Sealant: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sealant

Exterior Caulking & Waterproofing Services

Rain Leak Inspection

Rain Leak Inspection

We identify water intrusion with thermal imaging, visually inspect outside joints, and prepare photo report describing issues found, and provide a solution. If water leaks are not visible, we will implement water-test to detect the leaking area.

Wall Joint Caulking

Wall & Window Joints Remedial Caulking

Typically, most of the leaks from frames & walls are caused by deteriorated sealant in leaking windows or wall joints. Such joints need to be thoroughly cleaned from old sealant, degreased, and re-caulked with the right products, compatible with the substrate, width of the joints, and overall environment.

Construction Caulking

Construction Caulking

We work with General Contractors to seal and caulk exterior joints on new construction projects.

Facade Waterproofing

Exterior Wall Waterproofing

Some walls are built from porous materials such as brick, natural stone and concrete. During strong rains, water can easily penetrate through, causing moisture and water damage inside your building. We provide commercial waterproofing by re-sealing wall joints and applying clear sealer (water repellent) to successfully prevent water penetration.

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