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Since 2011, the mission of RayAccess is to be the best commercial painting contractor in Los Angeles. RayAccess licensed & fully insured paint contractors, help property managers keep tenants happy, and business owners attract new customers. As LA’s premiere exterior building painting provider, RayAccess believes the appearance of your building can improve the overall happiness of your neighborhood!

RayAccess is uniquely equipped with rope access painting capabilities and painting at any height. Our commercial painters use rope access techniques to navigate building obstacles and protruding architectural elements. We paint building elements with a steady hand and great attention to detail.

If you are looking to revitalize a building’s exterior or protect the inside from water intrusion, a commercial painting job is a must. Call RayAccess for exterior building painting and waterproofing services.

Commercial Buildings We Paint:

  • Homeowner Associations
  • Shopping Centers
  • Churches & Museums
  • Hotels
  • University & Schools
  • Condos & Apartment Buildings
  • Historic Buildings
  • Federal & State Buildings

Hire RayAccess High Painting (LIC #1052570) for commercial building painting to attract new tenants and maintain your property!

Commercial Painting Service Area:

Whether you manage a 10 story historic building in DTLA or a shopping center on the Westside, RayAccess is equipped with the right tools and experience to complete your exterior building painting job. Conveniently located in Marina Del Rey California, RayAccess proudly serves Los Angeles, San Diego, and travels to sites throughout the Southern California region.

Your search for commercial painting contractors Los Angeles is over, call RayAccess today.

Commercial Building Painting vs House Painting:

With a low barrier to entry, anybody can be a painter. All you really need is some paint, a couple brushes, and a roller to paint a house. Commercial building painting is a much more complex trade than home painting.

Commercial painting contractors deal with a number of variables that traditional house painters don’t have to think about. Things like permitting, safety concerns, managing a crew, access capabilities, surface preparation, and the challenge of completing the job while the business remains open.

Painting To Improve The Structural Integrity Of Your Building:

Besides the aesthetic benefits of exterior building painting and the use of color we share in the next section, certain paints and sealants have strong water resistant properties to protect against major damage to the building.

Water intrusion is a major threat to the structural integrity of any commercial building. A building’s substrate and environmental conditions play a factor in the amount of water that penetrates into the roof and walls after a downpour. Over time water intrusion creates decay leading to holes and cracks in the exterior surface. If not closed/filled, there is a greater opportunity for water intrusion which eventually leads to damaging the structural integrity of the building.

5 Ways to Select Your Commercial Buildings Exterior Color:

Deciding on what colors to paint a commercial building is a big decision! It’s the first thing people notice when passing by. We can help if you are having trouble deciding what color or colors to choose.

  1. Select a color that complements other exterior elements that can’t be changed. For example, select a complementary color to the building’s roof. 
  2. Does the building house a company that has a consumer facing brand? Selecting a color that is part of the color scheme of the brand will narrow your decision down to a few brand appropriate colors.
  3. Learn about your building’s architecture style and select a color that was popular during that period. If your building is of mid-century design during the 1940s-1960s, browns and oranges were very common therefore a great choice for your building’s exterior color scheme.
  4. Have a look at the color scheme of other buildings in the neighborhood. Selecting a similar color will make your neighbors happy.
  5. When selecting your building’s exterior color, you should actually be picking a color scheme consisting of three colors. A field color for the building facade, accent color for building doors, and trim color for building railings and window mullions

Commercial Painting Estimates:

There are 3 factors in getting an estimate for exterior building painting such as the cost of paint or equipment needed, the cost of labor, and lastly the building’s condition which may require additional surface preparation before the actual painting begins.

Cost = Paint + Labor + Building Condition

Paint Cost:

In order to determine the cost for paint, gallons of paint needed to complete the project needs to be determined. In addition, the entire surface area to be painted also needs to be calculated. Since one gallon of paint typically covers 300 square feet, your total paint cost is total square footage divided by 300. The calculation is your total gallons of paint needed to complete the job. Quality exterior paint ranges between $50-$100 per gallon.

Labor Cost:

Labor cost is a simple multiplication of hourly rate times the average number of square feet a painter covers. Cost per hour ranges from $30 – $90 per hour depending on a painter’s experience and capabilities. On average a commercial painting contractor covers approximately 150 – 200 square feet an hour. 

Building’s Condition:

The building’s condition is quite often the wildcard that impacts a bid. A pre-paint inspection needs to be conducted to determine the amount of time allocated for surface preparation. Surface preparation includes prep work from pressure washing to priming.

Preparation Work:

An often neglected step is the preparation work before the painting begins. Studies show that millions of dollars of paint go to waste each year due to rushed or completed missed surface preparation. Preparation work includes a thorough cleaning or pressure washing, which removes loose dirt or debris that can reduce adhesion. Sanding may need to be completed especially if the surface is glossy. It’s highly recommended to fix any caulking issues and fill all cracks, holes, and dents. Lastly, any areas wished to not be painted are masked and protected from drips and overspray of paint. 

What Should I Look For When Hiring A Commercial Painting Contractor?

It’s important to make sure you hire a professional painting contractor that has training on commercial buildings. They should hold an updated license and be fully insured. Any professional painting contractor should also understand the complexities of your project in order to submit an accurate bid. Most of the time, a job walk should be offered to better assess your project’s special needs.

Your building’s paint job may require a painter that can work at high elevations. In this case, only a contractor that is trained in fall protection via rope access techniques should be considered for the job. Stop searching for commercial painting companies Los Angeles, RayAccess is here for you.

Alternative Services:

Pressure Washing: 

Pressure washing is the process of blasting water to remove all dirt and mildew. Pressure washing can extend the life of your exterior building painting job.

Building Inspections:

If the goal of your commercial building painting job is to protect against corrosion, a visual inspection should be performed. RayAccess conducts building inspections by using drones and rope access technicians.

Benefits of Hiring RayAccess for Commercial Building Painting:

Minimal Disruptions:

If you are looking to keep your building at normal operations with little to no disruptions, contact  RayAccess and inquire about rope access painting for your commercial building.


Oftentimes it is more cost effective to employ rope access techniques then traditional painting methods with boom lifts or scaffolding. We will access and paint any area of your building safely and save you money. 


We use the best painting systems available and ensure that the job performed on your property is in accordance with manufacturer recommended standards. As a result, we furnish 12-36 month labor warranty for our painting work, and up to 5-10 years product warranty from paint manufacturers.

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What People Are Saying

  • On behalf of 1033 Ocean Ave HOA, I would like to thank RayAccess for a great job in cleaning and restoring the exterior of our building. Utilizing your rope access system saved our Association much in costs and we are glad to have avoided the need to erect scaffolding to perform the work. Sergey and his crew were very professional and communicated well during the project.

    Susan L. 1033 Ocean Ave HOA Board
  • "Great job in washing our building! Very professional team."

    Luis P. DoubleTree by Hilton Los Angeles / Director of Engineering
  • "Thanks so much for the great work! The windows look perfect"

    Alex R. Fisch Properties / Property Manager
  • "Great job at a great price! Had them come in to clean our building and were able to reach the high windows with no problem! Called for a free estimate, they came that same day and then came to clean to the next day! Friendly staff as well!"

    Sugar B. Playa Vista Community
  • Thank you so much for cleaning windows at our building. The tenants are so happy! They can finally see what's outside their windows!

    Ismael S SouthPark Group/ Property Manager
  • I'm really happy with work RayAccess did for us on painting the exterior of Loews atrium. At first, I though it would be a nightmare project because of old paint condition and difficult access to some areas. But it turned out to be a very professional and smooth job! Thank you.

    Rex U. Loews Hotel/ Director of Engineering
  • RayAccess painted our outdoor movie screen on a high-rise building in Downtown LA. With their Rope Access method, they saved us thousands of dollars in bringing a huge lift and blocking almost entire street. The job was done perfectly! Thank you so much!

    Emily W. Rooftop Cinema/ Head of Design & Production

Commercial Building Painting Service Area

RayAccess, Inc. provides commercial painting services in the following areas: Los Angeles CountySanta Monica, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Hollywood, Downtown Los Angeles, Glendale, Santa Clarita, Burbank, San Fernando, Pasadena, Culver City, Marina del Rey, Playa del Rey, El Segundo, Long Beach, Redondo Beach, Torrance, City of Commerce), Orange County (including Anaheim, Santa Ana, Fullerton), Riverside County (including Ontario, Riverside, Cabazon, Palm Springs), San Bernardino County (including Fontana, San Bernardino), San Diego County.

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