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RayAccess, Inc. performs awning cleaning for residential and commercial clients throughout the Los Angeles area. We clean the awnings & canopies of single homes, retail establishments, apartment complexes, hotels, concert venues, etc. No job is too big or small for our crew. RayAccess technicians are highly capable of cleaning awnings of all different types and materials.

Awning cleaning is the most cost-effective way to quickly improve your property’s appearance. In addition to, protecting the material of your awning from various environmental factors. RayAccess cleans and protects awnings the professional way!

Sometimes it is necessary to clean windows and pressure wash walkways after your awnings deep cleaning. RayAccess is a “one-stop-shop” for exterior building maintenance. RayAccess technicians are fully insured, trained, and certified at working at height.

We remove:

  • Dirt
  • Dust
  • Mildew
  • Mold
  • Bird Droppings
  • Paint Stains

RayAccess Inc. is a fully insured and professional Awning Cleaning Contractor

Is Awning Cleaning Necessary?

Los Angeles has some of the worst environmental conditions with heavy pollution from automobiles and salty air from the Pacific. These factors can seriously shorten an awnings lifespan. In addition, most awning manufacturers require routine cleaning or customer warranties can be voided.

Proper upkeep and routine awning cleaning ensure that your awning keeps providing shade and a clean professional aesthetic for your business or property. In fact, awnings are usually the first thing people see when checking out your property from the street. First impressions do count!

Lastly, routine exterior cleaning is not only important for appearance and cost savings but also for protecting the functionality of your awning or canopy which can easily stain, deteriorate, or grow mold! As previously mentioned, there are financial, aesthetic and health benefits to having a clean awning or canopy.

Awning and Canopy Materials We Clean:


A natural material that is lightweight, flexible, and easy to clean. Canvas awnings don’t repel water as easily as synthetic materials; therefore canvas awnings can rot if not consistently cleaned. RayAccess can apply a protective coating which is recommended for longevity.


Laminated or coated vinyl awnings are highly resistant to UV rays, humidity, and mold growth. When cleaning vinyl there is a risk of stripping off a layer of vinyl so a soft washing method is necessary. Cleaning solutions with alcohol should not be used. 


A synthetic material that is lightweight coming in translucent options. Since fiberglass tends to become brittle over time, your awning is vulnerable to chipping or cracking. RayAccess can caulk or seal fiberglass awnings. 

Metal, Stainless Steel, Aluminum:

Although metals attract heat, they offer the most durability for an awning or canopy. Metal awnings should be cleaned and painted to prevent rusting and improve appearance. When cleaning painted metal, a special treatment with a mild cleaning product is used to avoid any paint damage.

In addition to rusting, metal awnings are prone to oxidation stains. Oxidation damages protective coats of stainless steel and aluminum resulting in “pitting” corrosion, over time. Rayaccess can polish off oxidation stains without damaging the finish and apply a protective sealer.


Perhaps the most high-end awning material is glass or it’s lighter version plexiglass. Glass awnings offer the most transparency compared to any awning material so you can enjoy the surroundings with maximum clarity. Glass awnings are cleaned just like glass windows with soap, water, scrubber, squeegee, and absorbent cloths.

Environmental Conditions:

Environmental conditions can be very harmful to your awning or canopy. Quite often stains develop after environmental contaminants are left to sit for some time. Contaminants such as dirt, bird droppings, mildew, and pollution are the usual culprits that form stains.

These contaminants can come from roof runoff or a gutter system that has not been cleaned for a long time. Even plants can grow and release harmful acids to weaken the material of your awning. Mother Nature can shorten the lifespan and void your warranty.

How We Safely Access & Clean Awnings & Canopies:

Awning cleaning can be very dangerous as it requires someone that has experience working at height and fall protection procedures. Please beware DIYers, 20 percent of work-related falls that result in death were from a ladder, according to the US Department of Labor [1].

RayAccess technicians are trained at using the complete spectrum of high access methods including industrial rope access. Rope Access is the preferred method of working at height for industrial sectors such as oil and exploration. We employ rope access to safely access hard-to-reach awnings and canopies at various building levels.  

We also use ladders, boom, and scissor lifts to reach awnings depending on the project.

How Often Should Awnings Be Cleaned:

Routine awning cleaning is usually performed annually but environmental factors can increase the frequency of this service. Please request a free inspection and estimate for your awning or canopy.

Awning Cleaning The Professional Way: 

Professional awning cleaning is a multi-step process:

  1. Brush off and remove any loose dirt
  2. Spray a mixture of water and mild soap or alternative cleaning solution for deep cleans
  3. While cleaning from bottom to top, scrub off dirt and other contaminants with a soft bristle brush
  4. Thoroughly rinse and air dry
  5. Brush underside if there are no obstacles
  6. If dirt and grime have fallen to the ground below, additional cleanup via pressure washing is required

Benefits of Awnings, Canopies, and Shade Coverings:

First impressions count and having a clean awning with company signage generates brand awareness 24/7. Just be sure to put your best foot forward and keep your awnings looking their best. We believe the cleanliness of your exterior building reflects directly on the quality of your business.

Are you looking to reduce your energy bill? Data shows that awnings can help reduce cooling costs by more than 50%, according to the Professional Awnings Manufacturers Association [2}.

Most importantly, awnings provide protection against inclement weather conditions, rainstorms, and UV rays. Thus, there are financial, defensive, and aesthetic benefits of your awning or canopy.

Alternative Services:

Customer Feedback:

RayAccess Awning Cleaning Highlights:

Cost Savings: Instead of paying high fees to install a new awning, routine cleaning will maximize the entire lifespan of your awning and ensure the manufacturer’s warranty is not voided.

High Access Expertise: No matter the height or difficulty to access your awning or canopy, RayAccess employs the full spectrum of high access methods to safely reach the unreachable.

Fully Insured: Since we are a fully insured & bonded awning cleaning contractor, the property management company is not liable when RayAccess is hired.

Your Satisfaction Is  Guaranteed: RayAccess labor guarantee means that if there are any issues with our work, our technicians will return to fix them at no additional cost.


  1. Industrial Safety & Hygiene News. (2017). 500,000 falls from ladders annually.
  2. Energy Savings. Professional Awning Manufacturers Association.



  • On behalf of 1033 Ocean Ave HOA, I would like to thank RayAccess for a great job in cleaning and restoring the exterior of our building. Utilizing your rope access system saved our Association much in costs and we are glad to have avoided the need to erect scaffolding to perform the work. Sergey and his crew were very professional and communicated well during the project.

    Susan L. 1033 Ocean Ave HOA Board
  • "Great job in washing our building! Very professional team."

    Luis P. DoubleTree by Hilton Los Angeles / Director of Engineering
  • "Thanks so much for the great work! The windows look perfect"

    Alex R. Fisch Properties / Property Manager
  • "Great job at a great price! Had them come in to clean our building and were able to reach the high windows with no problem! Called for a free estimate, they came that same day and then came to clean to the next day! Friendly staff as well!"

    Sugar B. Playa Vista Community
  • Thank you so much for cleaning windows at our building. The tenants are so happy! They can finally see what's outside their windows!

    Ismael S SouthPark Group/ Property Manager
  • I'm really happy with work RayAccess did for us on painting the exterior of Loews atrium. At first, I though it would be a nightmare project because of old paint condition and difficult access to some areas. But it turned out to be a very professional and smooth job! Thank you.

    Rex U. Loews Hotel/ Director of Engineering
  • RayAccess painted our outdoor movie screen on a high-rise building in Downtown LA. With their Rope Access method, they saved us thousands of dollars in bringing a huge lift and blocking almost entire street. The job was done perfectly! Thank you so much!

    Emily W. Rooftop Cinema/ Head of Design & Production

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