Commercial Exterior Painting At Height

Commercial exterior painting at height is not a DIY job. Painting the exterior of a tall or complex building requires the right tools and knowledge to get the job done safely and quickly. We hear way too many stories about house painters that are ill equipped for commercial exterior painting, resorting to learning on the job.  Commercial exterior painting is a complicated task for most DIYers and residential painters.  

Problems Made By Some Painters:

Several nightmare situations can occur if you don’t hire a commercial painter that is licensed and equipped for the job. For example, it’s very common for novice painters to buy too much or too little paint. Spending too much money on paint that just sits around for years. Wasting time going back and forth to Home Depot if you don’t buy enough. Knowing the appropriate paint and quantity to fulfill the project’s needs takes experience painting other complex projects.

Four Methods Of Painting At Height:

Besides being ill equipped, commercial exterior painting requires the ability to work at height. Professional painters have experience using high access equipment such as hydraulic lifts, swing stages, and scaffolding. In addition to these traditional access methods, some commercial painters employ industrial rope access to fill the void where traditional methods fall short. Using rope access has additional benefits as it is less intrusive and costly. Most often, a hybrid of using industrial rope access and an aerial lift is the most efficient way to perform exterior painting at height. 

Aerial lifts are effective in reaching a building’s exterior but they require a clear, stable and level ground capable of sustaining heavy loads. If the building is on a hill or the street is very narrow, aerials lifts can’t be used. When you do have adequate space, aerial lifts provide the quickest and safest way to access building exteriors up to 10 stories high. Industrial rope access is the safest way to paint the other sides of the building. Rope access requires certified technicians to rappel from the roof using top anchors and a two line rope system.

commercial exterior painting methods

Don’t Neglect Planning & Preparation:

Now that we have described the various access methods, it’s important to outline the painting process. Before any coats of paint are applied, experienced commercial exterior painters don’t skip steps in planning and preparation.

The first step is to visually inspect all surface material. This way we can work with the leading paint manufacturers to select a painting system that lasts for many years. The surface will need to be cleaned with a pressure washer. All loose dirt and debris needs to be removed so the paint sticks. If the building has holes or cracks, they will be sealed with the appropriate caulk. An adhesion test is performed and painting can begin. Most projects require a primer coat followed by two coats of paint. The final step is to make sure the building looks its best. We remove all supplies and masking tape from the job site. If the budget allows, we perform an exterior window cleaning service.

Alternative Services:

Why Hire RayAccess?

Since 2011, RayAccess has been painting commercial buildings 4 stories and up. We employ industrial rope access technicians and use the complete spectrum of access methods. RayAccess is also well versed in the latest paint and caulking products. RayAccess High Painting is a fully insured and CA licensed (LIC #1052570) painting contractor.

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