If you are looking to improve the appearance of your property or protect building material from corrosion, hire RayAccess for building exterior painting. From luxury high rises to historic buildings, RayAccess is keeping all types of properties clean, attractive, and healthy.

Maintaining a commercial building is no easy feat. The combination of daily wear and tear and environmental factors can lead to very expensive building repairs. By combining traditional access methods with industrial rope access, RayAccess High Painting (LIC #1052570) can cut costs on your commercial exterior painting project by up to 40 percent!

No matter how challenging or difficult it is to access/paint your building, give RayAccess a shot. Our crew has safely worked on a variety of buildings with unique architecture and protruding building elements. We have successfully completed projects across the following building types. 

  • Homeowner Associations
  • Multistory Residential Complexes
  • Skyscrapers
  • Shopping Centers
  • Churches & Museums
  • Hotels
  • University & Schools
  • Condos & Apartment Buildings
  • Historic Buildings
  • Federal & State Buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Hospitals

From Lead Paint to Radiative Cooling:

In 1978, the US government banned manufacturing and use of lead based house paint due to the ill effects it had on kids. Fortunately, there have been many substitutes for lead paint. It’s fair to say that regulation helped advance the paint & coatings industry. We hope this trend continues in the future.

The world will look for new ways to achieve net zero carbon emissions. Like the lead paint epidemic, global warming is encouraging paint manufacturers to innovate.

Solar reflective and radiative cooling paints are made to substantially reduce the use of refrigeration systems in buildings. And buildings are responsible for about 25% of CO2 emissions [1]. Will the government incentivize the use of these promising heat reflective paints? Time will tell.

Exterior Paint Colors:

When picking colors for your building’s exterior it is always best practice to complement neighboring facades. It’s also a good idea to mimic the colors of surrounding nature. Software renderings can provide virtual reality visualizations to help you see what looks best without applying paint. Below are some popular colors to get you started. RayAccess is happy to provide mockups of your top color choices. 

Earth Tone Facades:

Earth tones allow buildings to seamlessly blend into the surrounding environment. Colors that resemble clay or stone are usually good choices. Thank warm browns. . 

Monochromatic Black Facades:

Variations of black help a building look modern. It’s common knowledge that black goes with everything in fashion but also works very well in building design. Black pairs great with the surrounding greenery for example. 

Creams & Warm White Facades:

Not bright white, but more nuanced whites are increasing in popularity. Whites with gentle tones are a great choice when paired with much darker architectural elements.

Service Area:

RayAccess proudly services the entire Los Angeles area and beyond for building exterior painting. Depending on the project, our commercial exterior painting crew will travel to Orange County, Palm Springs, and Las Vegas.

Property Managers and Building Engineers seek RayAccess High Painting because of our unique ability to paint buildings in non-invasive ways. By using industrial rope access, there is no noise from heavy machinery or obstacles that get in the way. Our commercial exterior painting methods limit the disturbance that typical maintenance contractors are known for. 

Benefits Of Exterior Painting Your Commercial Building: 


There is no better way to refresh the look and feel of your building. Exterior painting is a proven way to increase the visibility of your property. 


Over time, salty air and strong UV rays will do plenty of damage to the substrate underneath paint. If you want to keep your building’s substrate from cracking or corroding, a fresh coat of paint can offer protection for many years.

Curb Appeal:

Market value is driven by curb appeal. A common tactic real estate professionals perform before they list a building is exterior repainting. 


Branding is an important strategy for commercial businesses. To achieve brand recognition, Brand Managers build a connection with their core audience by creating a consistent aesthetic across all consumer touch points. Don’t miss a branding opportunity and paint your building’s exterior with the colors and logo in your branding.

Highly Rated Project Management:

The difference between an amateur versus an established commercial painting contractor is the ability to manage a complex project from beginning to end. There are many moving parts in any commercial painting project. It is essential to maintain team morale, a clean work environment, and accurate estimates.   

RayAccess employs experienced project managers that deliver on our promise of safety, quality, and efficiency. Our team leader motivates the crew to commit to all details of the proposal, be punctual, neat, and organized. 

Product Knowledge:

As a licensed paint contractor, RayAccess will recommend the best painting system for your specific building. Stucco tends to crack, metal is subject to corrosion and wood is prone to rot. Fortunately, paint has protective properties that fight against these damaging conditions. Allow our team to help you select the appropriate painting solution for your specific building. We will help you pick the best paint no matter if you have a brick, concrete, stucco, wood, metal, or a previously painted surface. 

Preventing Interruptions to Building Operations:

One of the reasons property managers put off exterior painting is the impact it has on normal business operations. Erecting scaffolding to access and paint a building’s exterior can severely impact the satisfaction of your occupants. Noise from workers, blocked views, detours to walkways, and even vandalism can occur if scaffolding is used for exterior painting.

The best way to avoid interruptions to the operation of your commercial building is to hire industrial rope access technicians to paint a building. Industrial rope access is a safe and unobtrusive access method for building exterior painting.

Ropes hanging down the side of a building are far less likely to block views compared to bulky scaffold structures. Unlike scaffolding which is a permanent fixture for the duration of the project, ropes can be quickly deployed and removed each day. In some neighborhoods, security needs to be hired to make sure vandals don’t climb and break into the building at night. 

4 Step Process For Exterior Painting:


Before proposals are submitted a job walk is performed by a RayAccess estimator. We need to fully understand the scope of the painting project. We review the various substrates, roof, and document potential obstacles.

Surface Preparation:

Before we begin the stages of priming or painting, we conduct an adhesion test or color sample. This will determine how much surface preparation is needed to prevent paint failures and achieve the color of choice. Most paint cracking and peeling occur due to poor surface preparation. Amateur painting contracts neglect surface preparation.


RayAccess curates an appropriate primer for the exterior painting project. The primer coats need to be compatible with the building substrate and new paint. 


Painting is the final step which can require several coats. RayAccess strictly follows manufacturer recommendations regarding coat thickness and temperature ranges.

Commercial Building Maintenance Plans:

The RayAccess mission is to keep buildings in a clean and healthy condition by professional cleaning and painting. Building exterior painting is recommended every 10 years as long as buildings are well maintained with routine soft washing or building pressure washing service

Alternative Services:

The RayAccess Difference:

Licensed & Fully Insured:

RayAccess High Painting is a fully insured and CA licensed (LIC #1052570) painting contractor.


RayAccess stands behind our work. We will pledge an assurance by furnishing a 12-36 month workmanship warranty for our building exterior painting services. We also use quality paints that provide product warranties ranging from 5-10 years. 

Access Expertise:

We employ the full spectrum of access methods including industrial rope access, ladders, swing stages, and boom lifts. 


Science Direct. A review on building energy information. 2022.


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