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Are you searching for a BMU Window Cleaning contractor? Since 2011, RayAccess has serviced the Los Angeles skyline by performing exterior window cleaning via BMU. Our crew is fully trained to work at height and perform BMU window cleaning. If you need a bid, please call us during business hours or send us a message here.


What Is A BMU for Window Cleaning?

BMUs (Building Maintenance Units) are custom designed machinery that provides safe access to every inch of a skyscraper or high-rise building’s exterior facade. This machinery consists of a roof top mechanical arm, also called a roofcar, that lowers, raises, and horizontally moves a gondola like cradle or platform. Only window cleaners trained in BMU operations should be hired to use these modern marvels.

Advantages of Using BMUs:

BMUs are very expensive but have significant return on investment since they provide a comprehensive solution for facade management. BMUs provide safe access to all areas of the building’s exterior facade and can be used for window cleaning, pressure washing, visual inspections, exterior caulking, and painting. 

Due to the fact that BMUs are fully automatic there is minimal rigging time. The cradle or platform is controlled from rooftop machinery to be put in the desired location.  Windows cleaners can get in position rather quickly and cover a large area in a single drop. 

BMUs operate with minimal disruptions to building occupants. Since all windows can be cleaned from the outside, there is no need to disturb occupants from the inside. In addition, BMUs are aesthetically pleasing since there is no scaffolding or equipment left on the building blocking views.

Choosing a BMU Window Cleaning Contractor:

There are five checkpoints to ask potential service providers which include insurance coverage, BMU experience, safety record, window cleaning process, and references. The chosen provider should be able to furnish a certificate of insurance. The crew should have specific training operating a BMU for window cleaning. It’s always a good idea to vet prospective service providers by asking about their safety record, cleaning protocols, and references who will support their work.

Alternative Services:

The RayAccess Difference:


RayAccess employs experienced window cleaning professionals that have specific training in BMU operations. 


As a professional contractor, we conduct thorough background checks on all employees and carry comprehensive insurance.

Cross Trained:

Our team is cross-trained to clean, waterproof, and paint exterior facades, making RayAccess a one-stop shop for building exterior maintenance.


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