Bird Netting Installation

RayAccess provides bird control services that include bird netting installation. Bird netting creates bird free zones by blocking entry points. Bird netting can help prevent property damage, health hazards, and cuts the frequency of exterior cleaning. Bird netting is an investment for any commercial property. 

The following is a list of commercial properties where RayAccess installs bird netting. 

  • Warehouses
  • Retail & Restaurants
  • Schools
  • High Rise Office Buildings
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Museums & Churches
  • Stadiums, Golf Courses, & Theme Parks
  • Airports, Roads & Bridges

Common Bird Issues:

Bird pecking is known to damage paint all the way down to the substrate resulting in structural damage. Birds also carry and transmit diseases from E Coli to Salmonella. Besides carrying diseases, some birds are associated with ectoparasites which can get through small crevices to infest and bite humans. Bird droppings require a high frequency of pressure washing and cleaning services. The cheapest method of cleaning is prevention. Bird netting installation effectively blocks entry points and prevents constant cleaning, in addition to structural damage and health hazards. 

Bird Netting Installation 101:

Bird netting installation can be a time consuming process. Bird netting comes in bundles that include hundreds of individual anchor attachments that hold a lengthy perimeter cable to the structure. These attachments are installed every 1.5 feet. Turnbuckles and ferrules are then used to tighten the cable. Finally, netting is attached to the perimeter cable using a net lopping tool. When installed, netting is stretched tight to give a professional look that blends in with the architecture of the existing structure.

The aforementioned process can only be performed under safe working conditions. Since bird netting is primarily installed on high ledges and rooftops, workers need to be fully equipped with aerial boom lifts, extension ladders, and industrial rope access equipment.

Bird Netting Installation Cost:

Bird netting and access plans are unique and customized to each job site. Size of nets reflect bird sizes and areas of the property. Before a proposal is submitted a free needs assessment is performed by a RayAccess estimator. All proposals are submitted and tailored to each client’s specific needs. After the job walk, you can expect a proposal within 48 hours.  

Alternative Services:

Choosing the Right Bird Netting Service:

RayAccess employs the full spectrum of high access methods for bird netting installation. Our team is highly capable for jobs with difficult access points. 

We employ certified industrial rope access technicians. We carry comprehensive insurance. We are a professional company that has proudly serviced the Los Angeles area since 2011. Please check out what people are saying about RayAccess. 

If you are dealing with bird infestation and need a quote for bird netting installation, kindly call our office during business hours or send us a message now. Our customer service team will schedule a job walk to assess your needs or send you a proposal.


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