About RayAccess

RayAccess, Inc. is a professional window cleaning and exterior building maintenance contractor based in West Los Angeles. We offer various building maintenance services for commercial and residential clients. Specifically, our services include window washing, façade cleaning, exterior painting, roof and gutter cleaning, glass restoration, leaks repairs and other maintenance work.

Unlike other building maintenance contractors, RayAccess uniqueness lays in versatile access expertise that allows us to service high areas of buildings exterior and interior. In fact, our technicians are highly skilled, trained and certified in use of rope access, suspended platforms, lifts (compact, boom, scissor), fall-protection systems, ladders, rolling towers and extension devices.  Our special access expertise enable us to complete work at height and hard-to-reach areas safely and efficiently.

Moreover, RayAccess have expertise in various trades such as window washing, facade cleaning, waterproofing, painting, and installation works. Thus, most of our clients see us as one-stop-shop solution for their exterior building maintenance needs.

In addition, RayAccess has full insurance coverage for any type of the project. Thus, our typical coverage is $1,000,000 Workers Compensation, $2,000,000 General Liability, $5,000,000 Excess Liability, and $1,000,000 Commercial Auto coverage.


RayAccess Mission is to keep buildings, structures, and houses in clean, sound and healthy condition by professional cleaning and maintenance. In fact, quality and appearance of the buildings are essential for overall well-being and happiness of the owners, communities, and tenants who live, visit, work, and spend time there.



We are committed to follow best practices, high safety and quality standards, constantly improve our operations and train our employees, use best techniques, materials, tools and equipment available.


On every project, we plan, review and adjust implementation to eliminate waste and unnecessary costs.


Each of our employees takes ownership and accountability of work we do, results we deliver and impact we create for our clients, society and environment.


We foster culture of support, mutual respect, and collaboration among our employees, contractors and vendors.


We constantly learn, improve, and utilize our full potential on a personal level and in every aspect of our work and organization.


We create and support positive work environment and attitude of high performance, enabling our employees to achieve their potential, goals and live a well-balanced life.

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