The old adage “when it rains it pours” is literally the reason property managers need to be on top of rain leaks. If you manage a large portfolio of properties, a rainstorm can seriously inundate your inbox with new service requests and tenant complaints. Before the next storm, prepare yourself by understanding the most common sources of rain leaks and how to address them.

Roof-related Sources:

Roof leaks can be very complex and expensive to repair. Some require the installation of a new roof by a licensed roofer. Having that said, leaks that appear to be roof-related may be much easier to fix. Skylights or gutter sections can leak from an open joint or seam. For a nominal fee, sealant can be applied to close the gap and fix the leak rather quickly.

Window Joints:

Window joints are a very common source of rain leaks. Especially in a dry climate where window installation contractors are known to be lackadaisical applying caulk. It can go several months without rain, a poor caulking job can go unnoticed.

Window joints need to be sealed airtight at the frame-to-wall, trim-to-wall, frame-to-glass, and glass-to-glass. Gaps, cracks, faulty or deteriorated caulk are all common sources of rain leaks.

Exterior Wall Joints:

Daily temperature changes lead to dynamic contractions and expansions in building elements. Wall joints have flexible sealants that adjust to these conditions. Over time, sealants deteriorate, leading to small openings in the building envelope that facilitate water intrusion.

How to Identify and Address Potential Sources:

Non disruptive testing is the most efficient way to look for the source of a leak. Drone inspections, water testing, and infrared imaging are services that RayAccess provides to source rain leaks. Once we identify the source, RayAccess can repair the areas by caulking and sealing.

Why Hire RayAccess:

RayAccess employs certified industrial rope access technicians. Our team is equipped to safely work on hard-to-reach areas by using ropes and top anchors. We service private homes and high rise buildings for rain leak inspections and repair.


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