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Our skills and expertise in Rope Access and rigging, working on various buildings and structures, have encouraged us to offer rope access services for the entertainment industry including:


Filming assistance (video shooting and camera setup at high and remote areas).

RayAccess team is able to safely access, assist and perform various tasks on outside walls of tall buildings, cliffs, industrial structures, trees, and other high objects.


Rigging assistance (installation and maintenance of decorations, lighting, banners, gear and equipment at high and hard-to-reach areas).


Fall-protection assistance (fall-protection and rope access systems rigging, supervision and consultation for entertainment crews and personnel)


Our rope access team is a synergetic complement to diverse projects and teams working with:




Production companies


Filming agencies





Please contact us with any questions, bid requests, and for free estimates by (323) 715-8267 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Industrial rope access



Our unique specialization in Rope Access and Maintenance Services allows us to serve various industrial facilities including Wind Turbines, Factories, Manufacturing Plants, Refineries, Smoke Stacks, Towers, and Warehouses.


RayAccess, Inc offer following industrial services:


External/internal Cleaning (wind towers, smoke stacks, vessels, other industrial structures)


Truss maintenance: inspection, cleaning.


Rope Access Assistance: waterproofing, painting, protection, rigging and installations.

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Wind Energy Services

wind tower service


Rope Access allows us to safely access any area of the wind turbine without the high deployment cost, mobilization times and risk of turbine damage associated with heavy machinery


RayAccess Wind Energy Services:


External Turbine Cleaning (including Tower, Nacelle, Blades, Nose cone/hub)


Internal Turbine Cleaning (including fire damage)


Internal and External Inspections (Tower, Blades, Nacelle)




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There are two methods of professional window cleaning.  The first of these is the regular squeegee method in which soap is directly applied to the glass with a sponge or rag, and is then subsequently wiped away with the edge of the squeegee blade.  When the proper tools and technique are applied, this method offers the clearest and most streak free results. 

However, this method is limited by the fact that it requires direct contact for application and cleaning, and the glass is at risk of being scratched with the metal edge of the blade if the proper angle and technique are not maintained. 


De-ionized water cleaning offers an alternative to the regular squeegee method.  With this process, water is filtered through resin membranes to remove all of the dissolved solids, like salt, to ensure that after washing no water spots remain.  This method offers the advantage of being able to clean remote and hard to reach areas with the addition of extension waterfed poles capable of reaching up to 60 feet.  However, at extended distances it can be difficult to view the job at hand, and there is less precise control over the tools, which can leave you with a less complete clean.  This method is also limited because it requires a steady flow of water and pressure to be applied.  It is also more expensive due to the membranes and filters that need constant replacing. 

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Rope Access Services

Rope Access servicesRayAccess, Inc. is the exclusive provider of rope access building
maintenance service in Los Angeles. Rope Access is a method which allows technicians to reach high or difficult areas. Technicians can ascend, descend, and traverse fixed ropes in order to access hard to reach locations while eliminating the possibility of a fall. In the unlikely event of a main line failure, a back-up fall arrest system in always used.


We urge building owners to understand the difference in rope access and other inferior rope systems that may be used to complete their project. Systems known as chair work, bosun’s chair, and CDA are systems that prove to be dangerous in many regards and do not require certification.  For example, people using these systems are briefly trained on site with no comprehensive understanding of all associated hazards and aren’t provided self rescue equipment.


The advantage of using Rope Access methods mainly lies in the safety and speed in which workers can access difficult locations and carry out their work. Often using rope access allows for minimal impact on daily operations and the surrounding area. Another major benefit is that the combination of man-hours and the level of risk (man-at-risk hours) is often reduced when compared with other means of access, this includes associated risks and costs.


RayAccess, Inc. employs rope access technicians who have been independently trained and assessed through IRATA and SPRAT. This certification delivers an unrivaled safe working record that is based on thorough training and strict working guidelines. If you would like more information please visit www.irata.org or www.sprat.org.  


The team of rope access technicians with RayAccess, Inc. has diverse expertise including: Inspection, Repair, Installation, and Window & Façade Cleaning. These projects can be achieved on budget with our vast knowledge of access solutions and technologies. 

Please contact us for a Free Estimate and with any quesions by phone: (323) 715-8267 or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Rope Access Gallery


RayAccess, Inc. provides Rope Access Services at following areas: Los Angeles County (including Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Hollywood, Downtown Los Angeles, Glendale, Santa Clarita, Burbank, San Fernando, Pasadena, Culver City, Marina del Rey, Playa del Rey, Playa Vista, El Segundo, Long Beach, Redondo Beach, Torrance, City of Commerce), Orange County (including Anaheim, Santa Ana, Fullerton), Riverside County (including Ontario, Riverside, Cabazon, Palm Springs), San Bernardino County (including Fontana, San Bernardino), San Diego County. 

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RayAccess Inc. Marina del Rey, CA

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