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High-Rise & Remote Areas Access

Swing StageA Swing Stage (aka Suspended Powered Platforms) is a metal platform that is suspended by wire cables attached to specialized and preset anchor points, which can be raised and lowered through using of hoists to achieve the optimum height. 

Advantages: allows a greater width of area to be reached at one time, being close to a building allows to avoid run off and water dripping on areas below.

Disadvantages: heavy system, requirement of additional man power for rigging and reposition, requirement of large barricade zones, possibility to damage building in case of gusty winds due weight and drag, dependance on hoists condition and electricity suppliment, price, inefficient for localized or horizontal areas and short drops.


ManliftAerial platforms (aka Elevating Working Platform, Manlift), including boom lifts and scissor lifts, are manual or mechanically operated machine lifts that raise and lower a mobile platform from a stabilized ground level position. 

Advantages: access to any area within technical limitations of certain machine, fast setup, the best solution for horizontally located areas or under large overhang.

Disadvantages: price, public effect such as large barricading zones and loud noise, requirement of fairly large, stable and leved ground area for base operations, requirement of large open space.


Rope AccessRope Access (don’t mix up with Boatswain Chair, CDA or RDS system) is a method in which highly trained professional utilizes rope systems and special fall arrest equipment to access certain areas on buildings, structures or constructions by descending, ascending or traversing. Rope Access also used as a fall protection system when it’s necessary to prevent possibility of fall while working near edge, parapet, on ledges or narrow walk ways.

Advantages: unlimited access to any area, fast setup, light one operator system, less public effect such as barricade zones, noice, price.

Disadvantages: strict requirement in personal Rope Access training of each technician, additional safety considerations on elevations over 125 feet, not as efficient on wide service areas, horizontal movement or under large overhangs as a Swing Stage and Aerial Platform. Untrained technician without appropriate experience can cause failure of entire system.

RayAccess Inc. Marina del Rey, CA

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