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RayAccess, Inc. is a team of highly-trained rope access and building maintenance specialists that strive to deliver superior service to our Clients and their properties.

Our Mission is to keep buildings, structures and houses in clean and reliable condition by professional maintenance thereby contributing to welfare of the building owners, management, tenants, and public in general.


We specialize in the following Services for Residential and Commercial Clients:

Window cleaning, including regular cleaning, DI-water, routine service (weekly, monthly and etc.), construction cleaning, high-rise and remote areas cleaning.

 Atrium (High Interior) maintenance, including glass (window) cleaning, beams and ledges dusting and cleaning, visual inspections, minor repairs, installations.

 Facade cleaningincluding high-rise and remote areas, pressure (power) washing, chemical cleaning, DI-water cleaning, efflorescence removal, construction cleaning, coated metal, stainless steel and aluminum maintenance, stucco cleaning, natural stone cleaning

 Glass Restoration and Stains Removalincluding corrosion restoration, hard-water stains, calcium stains removal, glass sealing and protection.

 Glass Scratches Removal, including glass repair, dents, scaffs, and graffiti removal


 Roof & Gutter Maintenance, including plants and debris removal, minor repairs.


 Rope Access, including cleaning, maintenance, minor repairs, caulking, visual inspections, rigging, and installations for entertainment projects, wind turbines, industrial facilities and buildings

RayAccess Inc. Marina del Rey, CA

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